To be certain that there is power from your AC outlet, plug in a lamp, fan or miscellaneous similar. At the exact same time inspect all link to your TV and take note of the exact model number and post that here. Thanks.

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my new westinghouse far wont revolve on my brand-new westinghouse tv. I need to hit the manual switch to turn it on. Likewise the far wont occupational with channels. The goes to menu.


I have actually a Westinghouse TV the display is all black and also it will let me strength it on yet still black screen yet it went let me turn it earlier off or carry out anything ~ above it might you please assist me for this reason I have the right to fix that please

Need a version Number-Try this-TV Reset- Unplug TV from wall plug because that 10 minutes, then press and also hold power button on TV because that 60 seconds--Plug in turn on--

Reset- 1. Unplug the tv 2. Press and hold the Channel Down and Input buttons on the panel. 3. Plug the television earlier in if holding under these buttons. You may need the aid of another person to attain this step 4. Keep holding the buttons until the television powers back on. If it doesn’t work, unplug the television and shot again periodically this process doesn’t work on the very first try permit me know

I have a 39" Westinghouse 1080P t.v.that comes on for a second soon together I press the strength button but the screen goes black afterwards...the power works cause the light is red.....someone please aid me...thanksMeika hall

If friend tried the resets in above post, climate it"s internal. Girlfriend can try and leave it unplugged over night.Do you desire to fix yourself?Let me know-

My tv light is red together well. I shot the reset but, no luck once I plugged it back in the light revolve blue but, earlier to red. I don"t usage the tv the much and stop making use of it for around 6months and also trying to use it again and also this happen. Any kind of suggestion? ThanksVersion#: TW-70501-P032AModel#EW32S5KW

Westinghouse 32" 720p LED HDTV - EW32S5KW A human being tried this-Repair- TV Reset- Unplug TV from wall plug because that 10 minutes, then press and also hold power switch on TV because that 60 seconds–Plug subsequently on– Also try leaving the unplugged overnight. Ns left mine unplugged end night do the efforts the plug in and also 10 second thing didn’t work-related tried it a second time and also workedIf this fails suspect main Board-Let me know-

My Westinghouse tv just shut off. Red light still there. Can"t rotate on . Only turn on through remote. Then does not remain on

Westinghouse LD-4655VX 46" Edge-lit LED HDTV require a brief description of you TV problem-Let me know-

I have the specific same problem--brand new TV appropriate out the the box. I never ever would have bought this TV if I"d known so countless complaints around Westinghouse TVs. Got it at ideal Buy. It to be recommended top top the C-Net website v allegedly "Good Reviews." Must have actually been a scam to recording a bunch of defective products.Guess I"ll return it to the store. YouTube has 2-3 videos of guys disassembling your Westinghouse TVs to shot to "fix" them--not because that me, thanks.I just want something the WORKS!!

My Westinghouse 50 inch led model number DWM55Will not turn on. I have a red light mirroring at the is is. Before, it worked some days and some days that did not. No it simply will not turn on. Please help

Westinghouse DWM55F1G1 55" LED TVTry this-TV Reset- Unplug TV from wall plug because that 10 minutes, climate press and hold power button on TV because that 60 seconds--Plug subsequently on-- If this fails, suspect power Board Is Failing-Let me know-

Hi, I have actually the exact same problem. Red irradiate is on however tv won"t revolve on. Reset didn"t help. Is there a fix kit easily accessible (capacitors, ic"s, etc) the I deserve to solder in to repair (I"ve excellent this type work so I"m comfortable through the job) yet curious what contents usually failure on these strength boards.

This is the DWM55F1G1 Westinghouse.

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IMPORTANT: These key boards can have multiple failures, in addition to the EEPROM.If EEPROM replacement does no repair your board, there are likely extr problems.

Symptoms EEPROM replacement might fix:- top top screen display screen is grounding on logo screen- TV won’t strength on v remote or buttons (LED indicator remains same color)- TV won’t revolve on after ~ being turn off for 30+ minutes- TV shuts turn off by itself during channel scan or once switching inputs- TV transforms on and also is stuck in color test pattern mode forever- TV turns on but there is no backlight (LED indicator shows TV is on however there is no image)

Found here-

Let me know-

My version number is DW32H1G1 mine red irradiate is on however if I revolve on my TV the blue light comes on however then goes earlier red please help

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