So remember exactly how Chief had actually a pistol in The Arbiter's jaws in ~ the start of aur 3?

Firstly, I'm thinking there's no way in Hell Chief might drop him that quick, yet that could just it is in me gift a fan.

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Second, did anyone ever before decipher what "Were that so easy..." meant? I deserve to think of at the very least two reasons to to speak it. A) The Arbiter is speak it because he can't be killed so easily, or B) The chef can't be killed either, and also were that so easy, the war with humanity would have been end a lengthy time ago.

I'm not too certain which is correct, however either way Arbiter provides for one of the much more cool characters. TeamArby.


I'm pretty sure SgtMaj. Johnson states something along the present of "Be nice, we gained too lot to perform without the both of you trying to death each other." I always took it together the Arbiter saying, "We're that so easy" as him referring to them gift nice gift supposedly impossible since they would need to put next what Chief did to countless Sanghelli and also what Arbiter go to countless humans.

/u/_masterofdisaster explains the an initial time The Arbiter says "Were that so easy" perfectly.

The second time, Admiral Hood says something choose "Its difficult to think he's yes, really gone" come which The Arbiter responds: "Were the so easy. . ."

Essentially The Arbiter is saying the he doesn't think anything deserve to really death the understand Chief.

This likewise hints in ~ the High level of Respect The Arbiter now has for the Chief. A couple of days earlier he thought it would certainly be impossible for them to fight next by side, yet now The Arbiter thinks of Chief as an unbelievably expert warrior.

Yeah the Arbiter certainly thinks chief is still lively at the end of halo 3. You have the right to tell in the halo 2 opening cutscene, after an initial minute of shock he realizes that he was without doubt correct.

With regards to your first point, Chief gained so close to the Arbiter with that pistol due to the fact that the Arbiter let him. He stood there and also didn't even flich, due to the fact that he knew that wouldn't be harmed.

I always interpreted it together "humanity and the covenant have been at war for so long that peace in between them is no easy".

It way "it's not that basic to kill me". He claims the exact same thing at the end of the game, yet this time introduce to the Chief ~ Hood says he's most likely dead.

edit: it also has the added definition of "if it was so easy to kill one another, the battle would have actually been lengthy gone"

I think the quote close to the last cutscene poses an ext of a thoughtful stance top top war. "It's difficult to think he's gone." The Arbiter's response, "Were it so easy," referrals that win or even neutrality in war comes with good sacrifices that need to be made. In stimulate to achieve something friend want, you must sacrifice because that the preferred outcome. The is my interpretation of the quote.

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