So remember just how Chief had actually a pistol in The Arbiter's jaws at the beginning of Halo 3?

Firstly, I'm reasoning there's no means in Hell Chief could drop him that quick, however that could simply be me being a fan.

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2nd, did anyone ever decipher what "Were it so easy..." meant? I have the right to think of at leastern 2 reasons to say it. A) The Arbiter is saying it bereason he can't be eliminated so conveniently, or B) The Chief can't be eliminated either, and also were it so easy, the war through mankind would have actually been over a long time back.

I'm not also sure which is correct, but either means Arbiter provides for one of the even more cool characters. TeamArby.


I'm pretty sure SgtMaj. Johnkid says something alengthy the lines of "Be nice, we gained also much to carry out without the both of you trying to kill each other." I constantly took it as the Arbiter saying, "We're it so easy" as him referring to them being nice being supposedly impossible because they would have to put aside what Chief did to many kind of Sanghelli and also what Arbiter did to many human beings.

/u/_masterofdisaster defines the initially time The Arbiter claims "Were it so easy" perfectly.

The Second time, Admiral Hood states somepoint prefer "Its tough to believe he's really gone" to which The Arbiter responds: "Were it so easy. . ."

Basically The Arbiter is saying that he doesn't think anything deserve to really kill the Master Chief.

This likewise clues at the High level of Respect The Arbiter currently has for the Chief. A few days earlier he believed it would be impossible for them to fight side by side, yet now The Arbiter thinks of Chief as an unbelievably expert warrior.

Yeah the Arbiter definitely thinks Chief is still alive at the finish of Halo 3. You have the right to tell in the Halo 2 opening cutscene, after an initial minute of shock he realizes that he was indeed correct.

With regards to your first suggest, Chief obtained so close to the Arbiter via that pistol because the Arbiter let him. He stood tbelow and didn't even flich, because he kbrand-new he wouldn't be hequipped.

I always construed it as "mankind and the Covenant have actually been at war for so lengthy that peace in between them is not easy".

It means "it's not that basic to kill me". He states the exact same thing at the end of the game, however this time referring to the Chief after Hood says he's most likely dead.

edit: it likewise has the added interpretation of "if it was so straightforward to kill one another, the battle would have been lengthy gone"

I think the quote near the final cutscene poses even more of a thoughtful stance on war. "It's tough to think he's gone." The Arbiter's response, "Were it so basic," recommendations that victory or even neutrality in war comes via excellent sacrifices that must be made. In order to attain somepoint you desire, you must sacrifice for the wanted outcome. That is my interpretation of the quote.

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