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Download the piano sheet because that Welcome come Our civilization by chris Rice, from the album indigenous Music Now.

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word Music currently
chris Rice
chris Rice
D, E
Christmas Worship, Christmas Eve, Advent

Verse 1Tears space falling, hearts space breaking, how we have to hear native GodYou\"ve to be promised, we\"ve been waitingWelcome divine Child, welcome divine ChildVerse 2Hope the You don\"t mind our manger, how I wish we would have actually knownBut lengthy awaited holy StrangerMake you yourself at home, please do Yourself in ~ homeVerse 3Bring her peace, right into our violence, bid our hungry souls it is in filledWord currently breaking heaven\"s silenceWelcome to our world, welcome to our worldVerse 4Fragile finger sent out to heal us, tender brow prepared for thornTiny heart whose blood will conserve usUnto us is born, unto us is bornVerse 5So plunder our injured flesh about You, breath our air and also walk our sodRob our sin and also make us holyPerfect son of God, welcome to our world, welcome come our world... Authorize in to view all lyrics



In the very first week of advent, we focus on hope. The bear of Jesus is our hope incarnate, a redefining expect forever. Here is a perform of Christmas praise songs with the theme of hope. See an ext themes top top peace, love, and joy.

From January through December, these are songs that have the right to be sung transparent the year, although an especially for the Christmas season.

The second week of introduction focuses on peace. The peace that the bear of Christ brings end our circumstances, ours desires, and our futures. Here is a perform of Christmas prayer songs through the template of tranquility for the 2nd week the advent. Find more themes ~ above hope, peace, and joy.

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