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He desires the Hepplewhite suite chairs earlier in the parlorMove the G.I. Joe, it can’t be ~ above the floorHe wants the Dresden figurines ago in the breakfrontA slinky messes increase the duration decorGet the Lemon Pledge and also dust the—They should challenge the very same directionHe wants it vacuumed, the surface ar gleamingHe wants it closer come the doorHe wants, the wants, the wants—He desires the brass candelabra collection at one angleThe crayons and the glue need to go back in the drawerHe wants the bust of Quixote square on the mantelSweep that lint away, the what a broom is forGently wipe the eucalyptusPolish increase the decision prismsWhen the comes down here, he desires it readyWe’ve got to acquire it excellent beforeHe wants, that wants, he wants—Where’s mine bronzing stick?
It’s in the—Welcome to our residence on Maple Avenue!See just how we polish and we shine?We rearrange and realignEverything is balanced and sereneLike chaos never ever happens if it’s never seenEvery need, us anticipate and fillAnd still…He desires the real feather-duster supplied on the bookcaseFind all the publications we read, and carefully restoredHe desires them alphabetized through classificationA volume the end of place could start a 3rd World WarThat’s one inch out of position!Watch it, it is a first edition!What room we missing?What have actually we left out?When he comes under here, what’s in store?He wants, that wants, that wants—Welcome come our home on Maple Avenue. Welcome come our home on MapleSee how we polish and we AvenueShine? See exactly how we polish and also weWe rearrange and also shine?Realign we rearrange and realignEverything is Balanced and also Everything isSerene balanced and Everything isLike chaos never ever serene balanced andHappens like chaos never ever sereneIf it's never happens favor chaos neverSeen if it's never happens watched if it's never seen

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We’re a typical family quintetAnd yet…Not also bad, if ns say therefore myselfI can still break a love or twoSometimes if the fire burns so hotI don’t know what i’ll doNot also bad, if i say so myselfNot also badMrs. Baulkner!It’s a satisfied to fulfill youCome on in! Obviously it's quiet a work-related in progress. Do do perform do doAh, yes, yes, carry out do carry out do doI did every the work myself, execute do perform do doThat’s how we were able come afford the place. Carry out do doNo, no. Do do do do doHistoric restoration is an avocation. Perform do perform do doThat is an extremely flattering! carry out do execute do doI teach English at coast Creek High, execute do execute do doAnd the Bechdel Funeral residence Do do do carry out doIs our family business, perform do perform do doSo I’m additionally a funeral director. Do do do do doYou have actually a crawl eye! carry out do execute do doThis, I discovered yesterday What is the afterIn the dump!Isn’t it–uh What are we doingActually, I believe It appropriate foot is tappingRococo renewal . Every comes that method he's stewingAbsolutely! on the back! Stay really still andWould you choose one possibly we'll you re welcome himWith the family?Kids! Mrs. Baulkner would certainly It make one dorn move, andLike to take a photo! every comes demons will seize him(Hello! anybody home?) back! try hard, what rather is familyI’ll be over there in a minute! for?Oh, a young man who helps outWith the garden work. That wants, he wants, that wantsHe desires moreCaption:My dad and I both prospered upIn the same, little Pennsylvania townAnd he to be gay, and I to be gayAnd he killed himselfAnd I…Became a lesbian cartoonist