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"Drinking Class" is a track written by mockery Kear, David Frasier and also Ed Hill and recorded by American country music artist Lee Brice. It was released in September 2014 as the 2nd single indigenous his 3rd studio album, i Don"t Dance.

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We"re up when the rooster crowsClock in as soon as the whistle blowsEight hours ticking slowAnd then morning we"ll carry out it all over againI"m a member that a blue collar crowdThey deserve to never, nah they can"t save us downIf you gotta, gotta label me, label me proudI belong to the drink classMonday with Friday, male we bust our backsIf you"re among us, raise your glassI belong to the drinking classWe laugh, we cry, us loveGo difficult when the going"s toughPush back, come push and also shoveKnock us down, we"ll get earlier up again and also againI"m a member the a good timing crowdWe gain rowdy, we obtain wild and also loudIf friend gotta, gotta brand me, brand me proudI belong to the drinking classMonday v Friday, male we bust our backsIf you"re one of us, raise her glassI belong come the drink classWe all know why we"re hereA little fun, a small music, a small whiskey, a little beerWe"re gonna shake off those lengthy week bluesLadies, break out your dancing shoesIt don"t issue what night the is, it"s FridayIt"s Saturday and also SundayI just want to hear you sayI simply want to hear you sing itY"all sing it through meWe belong come the drinking classMonday with Friday, guy we bust ours backsIf you"re among us, raise her glassWe belong to the drink classYeah, us belong to the drink classMonday v Friday, man we bust our backsAnd if you"re one of us, raise her glassWe belong to the drink class

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Lee Brice Lee Brice (born June 10, 1979) is an American country music singer signed to Curb Records. His highest-charting single is "A Woman like You", which reached No. 1 in April 2012. He also had Billboard"s Top country Song the 2010 with "Love prefer Crazy", the title track to his 2010 debut album; the track spent 56 weeks on the Hot nation Songs chart, peaking at No. 3 and setting a document for the longest run in the chart"s history. His 2nd album, difficult 2 Love, has created No.

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1 singles in "A Woman like You" and also "Hard come Love". An ext »