Kiara is worried that having actually to be a princess and also ultimately queen will certainly force her to give up her individuality. Simba, her father, tries to describe that everything and everyone… Read More 

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As you go via life you'll seeTbelow is so a lot that weDon't understandAnd the just thing we knowIs things don't always goThe way we plannedBut you'll check out eextremely dayThat we'll never before rotate awayWhen it seems all your dreams come undoneWe will certainly stand by your sideFilled through hope and also filled through prideWe are even more than we areWe are oneFamilyFamilyWe are oneFamilyFamilyWe are oneIf there's so a lot I should beCan I still just be me the means I am?Can I trust in my own heart?Or am I just one part of some significant plan?
Even those that are goneAre through us as we go onYour journey has only begunTears of pain, tears of joyOne thing nothing can destroyIs our pride, deep insideWe are oneFamilyFamilyWe are oneFamilyFamilyWe are oneWe are one, you and also IWe are choose the earth and also skyOne household under the sunAll the wisdom to leadAll the courage that you needYou will certainly uncover when you seeWe are one!
FamilyFamilyWe are oneFamilyFamilyWe are one(chorus is repeated and also ad-libbed until the end)
Kiara is worried that having actually to be a princess and ultimately queen will pressure her to offer up her individuality. Simba, her father, tries to define that everything and also everyone is connected and that her pride and imperial topics will certainly constantly be tright here to support her.


Somos Um by Walt Disney Records (Ft. Carolina Pinho & Garcia Jr.), Nous sommes un (French) by Walt Disney Records (Ft. Emmanuel Curtil & Kelly marot), Une famille (Canadian French) by Walt Disney Records (Ft. Amélie Landry & Luc Campeau), Somos clan (Castilian Spanish) by Walt Disney Records (Ft. Michelle Jenner & Sergio Zamora) & Somos Um (European Portuguese) by Walt Disney Records (Ft. Inês Fonseca & Telmo Miranda)

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