Getting quite a couple of Google results for this, quoted on different sites and also in people's blogs, but no photo results.

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Does this sound familiar? make the efforts to number out precisely what strip this manga (and anime) is quoting.

edit: an enig solved!


I've review this one! Somebody, I'm sorry i can't psychic who, is depressed about having to walk to school and also Marcie kisses him and also says its human being nature, everyone simply needs who to kiss that goodbye before he goes off to work or college or war. Then the kissee looks in ~ the reader with broad eyes and also says "War??"

It remained in a repertoire of peanuts comics, yet I don't psychic the name. I was a really young child once I read it. I do remember it to be a landscape shame book.

Couldn't find anything ~ above the Peanuts search, I have suspicions it could be one of countless quotes misattributed come Schulz and Peanuts despite this seems rather realistic and specifically attributed.

They referral a many other better-known Peanuts quotes. Originally written in Japan, I'd like to think the the author was immune from every little thing fake Peanuts estimates have to be circulating with the English-language Internet, and that the author was using main sources (actual strips) which surely space widely available in Japan.

I'd dislike to think that they didn't

I'm hoping the the writer was immune to everything fake Peanuts price quotes are floating approximately the English-language Internet and also that he was using main sources (actual strips), the I'm sure are widely easily accessible in Japan and also on the Japanese Internet.

There are a couple of better-known quotes somewhere else in the series (click this and skip down to "Shout-Out").

Finally thought to inspect the finish credits for a clue and the day of publishing (or really close to it) was actually provided for the one ns was feather for.

Not sure why I replied to you twice before this, however there it is.

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