Getting quite a few Google outcomes for this, quoted on various sites and in people's blogs, however no photo results.

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Does this sound familiar? Trying to figure out exactly what sexpedition this manga (and anime) is quoting.

edit: Mystery solved!


I've review this one! Somebody, I'm sorry I can't remember that, is depressed about having actually to go to college and Marcie kisses him and says its human nature, everyone just requirements someone to kiss him goodbye before he goes off to work or institution or battle. Then the kiswatch looks at the reader through wide eyes and states "War??"

It remained in a collection of peanuts comics, however I don't remember the name. I was an extremely young kid once I check out it. I do remember it was a landscape shaped book.

Couldn't uncover anypoint on the Peanuts search, I have actually suspicions it could be one of many kind of quotes misattributed to Schulz and Peanuts though this appears quite realistic and particularly attributed.

They referral many other better-recognized Peanuts quotes. Originally written in Japan, I'd prefer to think that the writer was immune from whatever before fake Peanuts quotes have been circulating with the English-language Net, and that the author was utilizing primary resources (actual strips) which surely are widely easily accessible in Japan.

I'd hate to think that they didn't

I'm hoping that the writer was immune to whatever before fake Peanuts quotes are floating approximately the English-language Net and that he was using major sources (actual strips), that I'm sure are extensively accessible in Japan and also on the Japanese Net.

Tbelow are a few better-known quotes somewhere else in the series (click this and skip dvery own to "Shout-Out").

Finally thought to inspect the end credits for a clue and also the date of publication (or really cshed to it) was actually listed for the one I was trying to find.

Not certain why I responded to you twice before this, however there it is.

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