As the title states the video game crashes ~ above launch. I gained it today and also I've tried every day to acquire it come work but nothing appears to work. It looks like it to be a pretty large issues and also wondering if who would be able to help. Say thanks to you!

EDIT: I'm also on pc and have that on heavy steam if that wasn't clear.

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I’d begin with verifying the truth of the game files. Right click on the game and also click “properties.” Navigate come the local papers tab and also click “verify verity of video game files.”

I also have the same problem. Ns bought the game in origin for PC. Yet when i launch it, the splash screen shows up for couple of moments and closes. The video game doesn't also launch!!! ns have currently tried reinstalling twice, verifying game files, and likewise tried disabling eac and nothing works.

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Same. I was make the efforts to assist another human being out, and reinstalled it. Gone with every solitary fix (*eac addition, disabling ansel. Admin level for Uplay, and also for video game Exe, deleteing Dmp File...thing ~ above the web. Top top my second download, thought this

I just heard earlier from Ubi minute ago: so I will certainly painfully do this shit again! just for UBI even though ns Manually upgrade my drivers and clean install, likewise refusing to use GeExperi ... I'll upgrade in a couple of minutes. I just finished re downloading and installed the game so there will certainly be fresh papers to play with! FFS

Hello BostonBakdBEANS!

Based on the error reports contained in the DXdiag girlfriend have noted us through I believe that this error might be pertained to your current drivers. In stimulate to preeminence out this possibility please attempt performing a clean driver install. Https:// If this walk not assist to fix the problem, please upload your MSINFO record which have the right to be uncovered by performing the adhering to steps. This paper will permit me to take it a much better look at your system and may aid to diagnose the problem. 1. Push the Windows an essential and the "R" key at the exact same time. 2. In the open up box, type 'msinfo32' (without the quotes) and click OK. 3. Once the routine comes up, open the Software atmosphere section on the left side and also select home windows Error Reporting. 4. Make certain that the home windows Error Reporting has also totally loaded before saving. 5. At the top, click on document and click on Save. 6. Click the 'save' switch to conserve the paper as an .nfo document to her Desktop. 7. Click the following link: 8. Enter your Ubisoft Account credentials and click Login. 9. Click the question that you wish to update. 10. Click "Attach documents" 11. Find the ".nfo" paper to connect the MSINFO32 paper and click Open. 12. Click "SUBMIT ATTACHMENTS" to complete the incident. If you obtain an error stating that the document is as well large, friend will must compress it making use of either WinZip or WinRAR. As soon as received, i will perform what I can to help. Have actually a an excellent day!