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"Was that the Bite the "87?!" refers to a series of image edits based upon American YouTuber Markiplier"s reaction come the Bite the "83 (previously thought to it is in the Bite that "87) in Five Nights at Freddy"s 4. In December 2019, Markiplier"s reaction acquired popularity in memes online adhering to a viral meme based on a vore video.

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On July 27th, 2015, YouTube<1> Markiplier uploaded part five that his Five Night at Freddy"s 4 playthrough. In the video, Markiplier watches a cutscene of the Bite the "83 (previously assumed to it is in the bite the "87)<2><3> in i beg your pardon animatronic bear Fredbear bites the Crying Child. Markiplier reacts to the cutscene by stop his mouth open up in shock for 20 seconds and then questioning the viewers if that was the Bite that "87 referenced in Five Nights in ~ Freddy"s 2. The video received end 15.2 million views in four years (shown below).

Was that the Bite that "87?!

On July 10th, 2019, YouTube<15> user Zeebox posted the first meme using Markiplier"s reaction based upon an animated vore fetish video by CGI artist CakeInferno<4> in which personality Zoe devours a person, through Markiplier"s reaction edited right into the step (shown below). The video clip did not receive far-ranging spread till a December 10th, 2019, repost by Twitter account

On November 27th, 2019, Instagram<13> user un1c0rn_200 post the first known derivative edit using Markiplier"s reaction based on Pufferfish eating a Carrot (shown below), The modify received end 21,700 views and 2,600 likes top top Instagram in one month, v an iFunny<14> repost gaining additional 2,300 smiles in the same period.

On December 10th, Twitter<5> account
VideosFolder reposted the original Zeeboq"s video, through the tweet gaining over 9,900 retweets and 43,800 likes, and also the video accumulating end 490,000 see in one main (shown below). Top top the same day, Instagram<6> user repostrandy (raeraerandy) reposted the video, obtaining over 42,300 views and also 9,000 likes in the very same period. One iFunny<7> repost obtained over 21,600 smiles.


On December 12th, 2019, Instagram user RaeRaeRandy post a meme modify in i beg your pardon Markiplier"s reaction was edited right into the spider bite scene from the 2002 film Spider-Man.<8> The article received over 85,600 vies and also 20,100 likes in one week (shown below).

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In the following days, the format gained far-ranging popularity in picture edits on Instagram, iFunny and also YouTube, v notable examples posted by StDabbers,<9> nova_xeno<10>, pampam.mp4 <11> and also TruevapormanCo.<12>