Covid 19

Important info - updated respectable 2021

It"s vital to respect complying with measures:

Customers and also employees are required to wear properly fitting face coverings.Maintain social distancing of 6 feet throughout shopping trip.Signage, floor decals for one-way aisles and protective barriers have been installed throughout all stores and at checkout.Hand sanitizing train station are available for shoppers and employees.Intensified cleanings are performed throughout all stores, with added focus top top high-touch areas and also carts.

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Most stores are limiting the variety of people in stores at one time.

Labor day 2021

Most Walmart shop are open as usual. It"s much better to inspect store locator for certain and actual hours.

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Walmart - eastern Michigan Avenue, Saline, MI - hours & save Details

Visit Walmart Supercenter in State Street crossing at 7000 east Michigan Avenue, in ~ the north-east section of Saline (close come Washtenaw Christian Academy). This discount save is an important addition come the locales the Harwood Farms, Warner Creek, Saline Meadows and also Pittsfield Charter Township. Throughout today (Sunday), it is open for 24 hours. Describe this web page for the specifics on Walmart east Michigan Avenue, Saline, MI, including the organization hours, deal with description, direct phone and extr information.

Getting right here - eastern Michigan Avenue, Saline

Visit your neighborhood Walmart Supercenter branch right close to the intersection the Old State Road and also East Michigan Avenue, in Saline, Michigan, in ~ State Street Crossing.

By car

Only a 1 minute journey from Robinwood Drive, southern State Road, Campus Parkway and also Country Creek Drive; a 5 minute drive from Hunters comb Drive, Michigan path (US-12) and Marton Road; and also a 9 minute journey time from West Bemis roadway or South commercial Drive.

When programming your course finder devices, usage 7000 east Michigan Avenue, Saline, MI 48176 to gain here.

~ above foot

Within a pair miles you may visit Pittsfield Preserve: south East, Saline commercial Park, Pittsfield Preserve, Marsh check out Meadows, Sweet Wheat Park, Washtenaw Christian Academy, Gym America, Woolley Park and SHS football Field.

Walmart Locations adjacent Saline, MI

Walmart has actually 1 present discount save in Saline, Michigan.

Click on this web page for the whole list of all Walmart grocery stores near Saline.

Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving 2021

Please note that during U.S. Windy holidays, regular service hours because that Walmart in east Michigan Avenue, Saline, MI may be changed. In 2021 that covers Christmas, Boxing Day, good Friday or labor Day. It"s recommended the you walk to the main site or phone the straight information heat at 7349441053 come get included details about Walmart east Michigan Avenue, Saline, MI seasonal service times.

State Street Crossing

While shopping in ~ Walmart, be certain to visit the various other fine quality stores in State Street Crossing.

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Help our site keep the details as precise as possible. In the occasion that you uncover mistakes in the contact info or hours of service for Walmart in east Michigan Avenue, Saline, MI, you re welcome let us know by making use of the report a trouble form. You re welcome voice your opinions ~ above Walmart by composing your critique in the box listed below. Girlfriend may also rate the discount store by utilizing the star rating system.

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