We posted the 34-page Walmart black Friday 2016 ad at midnight on November 10, which is the exact date that we originally predicted. Rather of a leak this year, Walmart released the whole circular early on their app, which is a welcome change for us since we have actually a clean copy.

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As expected, Walmart has a substantial event to plan this year. At 34 pages, their ad is two pages longer than critical year’s version, and we counted nearly 200 extr sale items. Walmart U.S. Cook merchandising officer Steve Bratspies defined the providers plans in a push release previously this morning.

“I claimed it before and I will certainly say that again, we will certainly win the season on price – on black color Friday, ~ above Cyber Monday and also every job before and after. That method delivering the black Friday transaction we’re well-known for in stores, online and also on our app. And, we’ve secured significant availability of these items. We pride ourself on no being the retailer that advertises a an excellent price and also then only has actually a few available.”

While we always give Walmart the advantage of the doubt, they are already facing stiff competition this year. Kohl’s is front of Walmart on particular electronics, and Best buy has really impressive selection of televisions. Amazon has still no released your deals, so the is walk to it is in a fight to entice the most shoppers. Right here is what you should know about Walmart’s sale.

Hours and also Opening Time


Walmart will begin their black color Friday revenue on Thanksgiving in ~ 6 p.m., i m sorry is the same specific time together last year. We have speculated over the past two years the they will relocate up their opening time come 5 p.m., but it go not show up that is gong to occur in the near future. While Walmart is still encountering backlash for your decision to open on Thanksgiving, 6 p.m. Is quiet a reasonable time to open.

For those shoppers who do not want to wait till 6 p.m. On Thanksgiving, they can start shopping Walmart’s digital Black Friday revenue at 12:01 a.m. ET on Thanksgiving morning. It must be provided that Walmart began their online sale on Wednesday night critical year, so that is very feasible they do this again because that 2016. In other words, be close come your computer system on Wednesday evening.

Online Vs. Retail store Shopping

While Walmart is expected to offer many of the items in their ad on your website, it is unknown if every one of their doorbuters will be available. Unfortunately, Walmart does a rather poor job the labeling everything, but we space in the process of confirming details doorbusters.

If you are looking to insurance a certain doorbuster, girlfriend can present up early on at her nearest Walmart brick-and-mortar place in bespeak to obtain a wristband. Here are a few items that will certainly be eligible for wristbands.

Phillips 55-inch clever 4K TVHP 15.6-inch Touch LaptopDJI Drone Phantom standard 3

As various other retailers are doing, Walmart is supplying a selection of doorbusters solely for their application users to purchase early. All of the transaction went live today, and they should be obtainable for the next few weeks. When this is more of a system to get shoppers to download your app, that is still precious doing if any type of of the items are of interest. Nevertheless of the potential, us recommend waiting till Black Friday because that the full an option of items. Here are a few examples of commodities that go live this day on their app.

Hitachi 65-inch 4K Ultra HDTV for $599 ($400 savings)Acer 15.6-inch main point i5 Laptop for $299 ($150 savings)RCA 11.5-inch 32GB Quad-Core 2 in 1 tablet computer with key-board for $98 (special buy)

Official keep Maps


Things get an extremely hectic on black color Friday, and it can be complicated to discover things. As you currently know, time is that the essence, and taking a wrong revolve can price you the opportunity to get one of the top doorbusters. For that reason, Walmart is bringing back their save maps, and they will certainly be easily accessible online, in the app, and also at brick-and-mortar shop on November 17. Us will also be posting save maps from various retailers in the coming days.

Featured Deals

With end 600 deals, Walmart has actually a range of heavy offers. Regardless, a few stand over the others, and also these are the ones girlfriend should focus on early.

iPhone 5s 16GB for $99 (save $50)Hisense or facet 40″ 1080p LED HDTV for $125 (reg. Price unknown)Philips 55″ 4K 2160p 60Hz LED smart HDTV because that $298 (reg. Price unknown)PS4 Slim 500GB w/ Uncharted 4 Bundle + $30 Gift map for $249 (save $50)Samsung 50″ 4K LED clever HDTV for $398 (save $230)DVDs start at $1.96Skull liquid Uproar Bluetooth Headphones because that $25 (save $24.88)Samsung 11.6″ Chromebook for $119 (reg. Price unknown)RCA 10.1″ 2-In-1 tablet for $99 (save $80)Fitbit Flex 2 for $69 (save $30)

Free Shipping Minimum that $50

Walmart continues to disappointed us through their to buy policy. In order to qualified for cost-free shipping, her order need to be $50 or more. Your only other choice is to sign up for the ShippingPass program, which provides totally free two-day shipping on all orders. This requires an yearly fee that $49, therefore it may not be worth it for numerous shoppers.

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