I've newly bought a (http://www.snailvr.com), a VR Headset choose Google Cardboard.

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Up until now I've not been able to gain a clear photo using my LG G4 in it and I'm wondering if that might be as result of the display being curved.

Anyone have similar experiences making use of VR Headsets? any kind of ideas on exactly how to resolve this?


I acquired the Viewmaster one and it functions great! The depth of field is really narrow on those lenses, possibly you can readjust the phone call closer/further somehow?

Thanks for your help!

The image isn't blurred (which would indicate dirty lenses or because that the lenses to it is in too close to to, or too much away from the screen), instead the picture seems come be much more like misaligned.

As I'm fairly certain I have actually the display screen correctly centered, ns was wonder if the bent screen can be the cause. However, analysis your responses ns think I can safely i think the curved display is not the worry here.

Any various other suggestions regarding how to deal with my issues?

Make certain your Google cardboard profile is correct. I couldn't uncover a QR code for the snail VR, so you may have to develop your own.


Also check and also make certain your IPD isn't too large or too tiny for her headset together that will give you a twin image that is impossible to obtain rid of.

I should specify, you require to have the Google cardboard application downloaded in order come calibrate your headset.

I was looking around at VR headsets last night and was walk to post something comparable here, curious to know if you acquire it working nice and also the models other people are using with success.

Just FYI: I've just discovered (https://www.rwandachamber.org/r/GoogleCardboard/comments/409e7b/snail_vr_qr_code_i_searched_for_one_but_google/) because that my Snail SVR Glass.

All my concerns have been solved!

Almost there..!

I realized that while I had my phone focused in the headset, the screen of the call is not exactly centered in the center of the phone, it's more towards the top. Once I compensated because that that as soon as putting my phone into the headset, I gained a clean image!

However, ns was only able to gain the clear photo in the VR-app make by the developer and also not in any type of of the Google Cardboard apps. In my search for a clear photo I've do the efforts 3 QR password (including one i made myself utilizing the viewer profile generator) yet none of them give me the perfect photo that I obtain while using the application from the headset-developer.

I made decision this headset after doing a lot of research and also reading a lot of reviews. It's however from a Chinese startup that as much as I can tell has not (yet) embraced the Google Cardboard philosophy, i cannot uncover a QR code anywhere and also have contacted the firm but have yet to receive any kind of response..

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So come recap: The phone works brilliantly in a VR headset, the curved screen has no impact on the photo whatsoever. Just make certain that you get yourself a VR Headset v a proper Google Cardboard QR code...