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How lot does the Vortex Viper PST FFP cost?

The Viper PST FFP 6-24X50 have the right to be found online for less than $1000! This price contains the premium features such as the glass etched reticle, too much magnifying power, and everything rather this scope needs to boot.

It"s extremely difficult to discover a border of this quality for together a good price. This street price for this tactical border is what additionally makes that attractive to hunters and also recreational shooters. While they look come the Viper line, they want something a little better than the traditional Viper series, for this reason they look to the Viper HS models.

Some walk a little further and also decide on the Viper HS LR models, just to give themselves the extra lengthy distance ranging. And, others end up asking, "why stop and also settle here?". They"d fairly pay simply a little bit more, but not much, to walk up a notch come the PST line. You also have the at sight nice, however super expensive, Razor collection - if you desire to drop an ext than 2 grand ~ above one.

Does it have a next focus?

Image credit - Vortex Optics
You betcha! because the Viper PST varying capabilities begin where parallax can become an issue, that comes with a side emphasis for parallax correction.

The side emphasis knob is conveniently located on the left next of the border which deserve to be quickly reached from shoot position.

Noteworthy Features:

First Focal plane reticle because that fast and also efficient reticle useFast emphasis eyepiece for speedy target acquisitionAvailable in Vortex"s EBR-1 MOA ballistic reticle because that holdover points from any type of known distanceGlass etched reticle safeguarded within two XR completely multi-coated lens because that superb reticle durability and reliabilityExtra short Dispersion (XD) glass v XR fully multi-coated lens because that excellent color resolution and fidelityRugged construction, Argon gas, and O ring seals ensure Viper scopes room waterproof, fog proof, and also shock proof1/4 MOA hopeful clicks for scope adjustments, resettable to zero through exposed turretsCustomizable Rotational prevent (CRS) for simple zero-reset turrets to get ago to your initial zeroPrecision-Glide Erector system for super smooth power shift in any type of hunting conditionIlluminated reticle because that precision as soon as you need it mostMAG-view fiber optic for simple magnification referencingBacked through Vortex"s no question"s request warranty

Our verdict on the Viper PST 6-24x50

According come the bull"s-eye, her easy-to-set adjustments have the right to be deadly specific for her first-place shots. The Vortex Viper PST 6-24X50 is all about long range and precision. Unfortunately, it appears that there are a couple reviews around canted reticles. This happens to be very rare, however it"s precious mentioning since it offers Vortex a shot to redeem themselves through their superb VIP warranty. They certainly have the ideal customer service, hand down!

If the amazing price that under 1000 bucks is tho overwhelming to you, then think about the Vortex Viper 4-16X50 HS Long range Rifle Scope. Girlfriend will need to forgo the illuminated reticle, however Vortex top quality is still there. Plus, with all the attributes the 4-16X50 has, you"d think you were buying a $1000 scope anyways. It"s a win-win. Save some money yet get way more back in quality!

If you wanted to know all around your different options, then you must shoot through the Meopta MeoPro 4.5-14X44 HTR rifle scope review. You won"t acquire the illuminated reticle right here either, yet it"s optimal for practically anything in and between hunting, tactical, and range use.

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The Vortex Viper PST rifle limit is wonderful optic. We can"t overstate that you"re gaining the very best for the pure lowest price possible. You"ll be stunned by the quality as with we are. Actually, we offered to it is in stunned by the quality, now it"s simply what we expect, and Vortex has actually never disappointed!

This product has been discontinued and Vortex has revamped your Viper PST collection of rifle scopes to produce the Viper PST Gen II Series. Examine out the new series in ~ Optics Planet and also Amazon.