Here room a pair of valuable videos that hope to attend to a notorious problem or issue, specifically on one E-series and also M-series flat screens by Vizio. If your unit has no photos or pictures arriving on the screen, or display may be blacked out or perhaps even getting here as blue or gray screen but you see pictures when you shine a flashlight top top the display screen (a.k.a. The flashlight check) and it likewise has sounds coming out of the speakers, then watching this repair video might be worth your time prior to you opt for the pricier paths to solve the problem. The video may rotate out to golden despite the reality that it seems to have been to be taken making use of a clever phone in portrait mode… five well *shrug*.

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The flat display screen TV in the video is a Vizio E550i-B2 and the problem is basically brought about by weakened or loose or even broken solder connections in between the driver board and main board. The above video clip is by Brad Deland.

Note the the symptom mentioned above may have other reasons aside from loosened solder points in between the main and also driver board. One such reason is a faulty strength board. Below is a video clip that talks around this details issue and also how to solve it via the strength supply replacement path (applicable to models E550i-B2 and also M550i-B2). This video clip is provided by

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As per usual, if you’re a DIY electronic devices repair noob, I indicate going front consulting a professional if you execute not have actually the ideal tools and safety knowledge. You could make things worse do the efforts to save a couple of bucks.



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