Tright here is some fine print attached to Virgin’s business – the data-exemptmusic streaming only applies to audio content streamed straight from apps, notto song downloads or cloud streaming. Streaming done by means of mobile hotspot isn’tcontained, and any type of non-audio content – such as imperiods, advertisements or video –is additionally excluded.

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New phones available

In enhancement to unveiling unlimited music, Virgin Mobile haslikewise announced that three new, wallet-friendly phones will certainly be joining its deviceline-up. Customers will be able to take house the HTC Desire 626s for $129.99 (pictured),the Huawei Union for $79.99, and the third-generation Motorola Moto G for$149.99.

All of Virgin Mobile’s plans are contract-totally free and also prepassist,via cellular business available with Sprint’s national LTE network. For moreinfo on Virgin"s newly updated plans, check out our previous write-up here.

About Virgin Mobile...
Virgin Mobile is a MVNO (mobile online network-related operator) that runs on Sprint"s netoccupational and also is a wholly owned subsidiary of that company. It was introduced in 2001.

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Fact: Virgin Mobile recently became an iPhone-just carrier.


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