I just found that if you room on wifi, at least on my phone, it offers you that error message. Switch off Wifi to document then get earlier on it to send. The has worked for me every time.

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If you space having problems recording video clip on Snapchat, right here are a couple of points that must fix the problem:

1. Instead of tapping the shutter button, make sure you"re hold it under for a pair of secs (videos last because that 10 secs).

2. Go you know that if you space low on storage space, you might not have the ability to record video at all. What is your image library on her phone spring like? Is it full of videos and also pictures? That could be why... Check how lot memory is on your phone

3. It can be a software issue. Shot closing the app and restarting it. If the doesn"t work, shot deleting and reinstalling Snapchat.

Still no working? Report the pest to the Snapchat site. They have actually a special web page for video clip bugs: https://support.snapchat.com/co/bug-record-videos


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My Snapchat videos to be saying "failed" before, then i realized it to be a problem with the phone.

How do I know? shot it yourself:

- test using video recording ~ above Snapchat through the back camera. It will fail. Now try try recording a Snapchat video clip with the prior camera. It will occupational (at least it go on mine).

Are you using Android? That"s what ns am on.

If you want to deal with the difficulty like i did, you have to upgrade her OS on her phone and then delete and reinstall Snapchat. That takes a little of time, but if you love making use of Snapchat climate it"s most likely worth it...

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