Formerly known as the Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana"s largest outdoor music venue has been renamed to the Ruoff home Mortgage Music center as of 2017!

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The Ruoff house Mortgage Music center is a gigantic outdoor amphitheater situated in the Noblesville, Indiana. Through a seating capacity of 24,000, the the biggest outdoor venue in the Indianapolis area. Return the meet is primarily used for concerts, it sometimes hosts political rallies and also high college graduations.

Ruoff residence Mortgage Music center History

The venue very first opened that doors in 1989 and has unable to do through three name changes because its opening year. The meet sits follow me Sand Creek near Indiana’s previous Route 238. The venue was developed by Sunshine Promotions, yet is currently owned and operated by Live country Entertainment.

The amphitheater to be originally known as Deer Creek Music Center and also was later on renamed to Verizon Wireless Music Center. In 2011, Klipsch Group, Inc. To buy the naming rights to the venue and also renamed the amphitheater come Klipsch Music Center. In 2017 the venue to be then change the name to Ruoff house Mortgage Music Center.

Notable Concerts and Festivals at Ruoff residence Mortgage Music Center

The Ruoff home Mortgage Music facility features 6,000 seat under that is pavilion and also another 18,000 general admission seats in the lawn area. Its substantial seating capacity has permitted the venue to hold some the the best concerts and also festivals in the music industry. Some of the many notable and also memorable events include:OzzfestMayhem FestivalH.O.R.D.E. FestivalVans Warped TourFamily values TourAnger monitoring Tour

Between 1989 and 1995, the thankful Dead had actually 15 reflects scheduled, but only played 14. In 1995, a large group of fans stormed a rear fence in ~ the arena in an effort to get in the display without paying admission. The tape was forced to cancel their last concert.

Phish likewise performed and recorded your August 13, 1996 show at the venue. The show was later on released in a live album. The band has played at the arena a full of 25 times.

Rihanna was reserved to carry out at the to meet in 2010, yet the present was canceled because of low ticket sales.

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Tom Petty and also the Heartbreakers performed at the meet in 2013 and set a brand-new attendance document for the music center with more than 24,000 pan attending the show.