The watch synched to my iPhone automatically. All attributes operated except messaging and also sleep. The measures are means off and I review a evaluation that it deserve to be calibrated but the created instructions carry out not cover the solve. After a few days; the messaging began to work-related however just picks up messeras from Facebook. The sleep attribute still does not occupational at all.The BP is higher than normal but is acceptable. I wish I have the right to gain the actions calibrated and the sleep attribute functioning. Otherwise, the watch was wo...

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I love the Fitbit and also it’s application. It keeps track of my steps, heart price, blood push and also so a lot more and also I additionally like that I don’t have to charge it eextremely day

Amazing as soon as you get it paired works perfectly. Spot on through values pulse BP etc. Vibration strong sufficient to gain your attention once text or contact comes in. If you desire it for sport mode that is not the finest. Only has actually run walk house no options prefer swim paddle and so on It is extremely waterproof salt and fresh. Battery lasts 4 days before charging aacquire. Great buy as a whole.

We gain the watch. I provided 1 to a special young lady that takes treatment of her sick mom. She jump for joy. The watch is actual nice and also works wonderful.The just difficulty I had actually can not gain no one from customer support to answer my e mails and also phone never answered yet high quality of item is wonderful. Thank you. Brigitte Boulton
the Unit came in best on time, packaging remained in fantastic conditionreceived emails from the team as soon as the order was placedextremely satisfied via the product, and the service, will buy from you again!
Love my Fit. Its straightforward and fun to use. Caoffers me to be even more aware of my physical being, such as my procedures, my occupational outs and drinking water. Very helpful in my busy life.
At 62, I"m still playing many sports, riding bikes and walking via my wife. The V.M. 6 Elite has been an excellent tool for me to store up with not only my exercise goals, however additionally my heart rate and BP. It"s sleek and also stylish, and also doesn"t acquire in the way once I play sphere or ride. I really preferred that it let"s me understand when I obtain a speak to or message on my phone, considering that I"m linked up on the application. I additionally prefer the replaceable bands and switch them out once I change colors of unidevelops. It"s better to me...
This unit is cool, but I wish it would sheight switching from digital to analog displays! It aided me to continue to be hydrated by reminding me to drink even more water during my last job. It is a great investment, I think.
Love it, works excellent and also would highly recommfinish. This is exactly what I was in search of. Thank you so much Veterans Store for your aid via the delivery, you preserved me updated on its progression from start to complete.
Love the watch! Had it for most likely a week now and all works great! We compared the heart rate on the watch to the cuff and it was virtually exact. I like that it tells me exactly how many type of actions I take in a day. Challenges me to execute more.
Got my fitness tracker last week. Love it!! Super simple to set up and started making use of it best ameans. Great method to keep up via water intake and get up from the desk and also move! Customer business via a shipping issue was phenomenal (article office issue). Very great communication and rapid shipping. If the unit holds up, I will be one happy customer.
This is a get wrist reminder for me to drink more water and after I"ve been inactive for awhile it vibrates to remind me to obtain up and also relocate... The "watch" is very easy to read, the time and all the choices are color coded which is useful when I"m not wearing my glasses.. basic to sink with a smartphone. Very easy to use and also it gained me drinking more water and moving even more frequently...
Love my watch and the features that came with and also will absolutely encourage others to gain this specific watch however, I am having actually a problem paring through the website and also all the assorted attributes are not active. I was a bit disappointed and made a decision to acquire assist from household members who are even more knowledgeable about usage and attributes of the usage of the internet. BTW you are not gaining it back, lol!
I have had several compliments on the look.and also style. Additionally, my sister in regulation really favored the features through Blood Prescertain, heart price and blood oxygen. So we ordered one for her. We formerly ordered one for our grandniece as a Christmas gift.
I admired my husbands band and he talked me into ordering among my very own. I love that I have the right to swim in it and also wear it 24/7 without even understanding I’m wearing it!
I"m amazed at howMuch I"m enjoying this fit-watch. Easy setup after finding my magnifying glass for the instruction booklet. Love theReminders and also notifications for calls and also messages from my phone.
I"ve only worn the watch for someday so much, but it compares well with my previous fit little bit. However, I love the wider face and visibility, and also a couple of added functions and also indevelopment. I"m still finding out, so haven"t gained it all down, however it"s simple.
I love this watch that it gives me it all. BP, pulse, oxygen, measures, messeras, notifications, sleep fads and so on. The battery lasts about 2 days and charges fast. I obtained the red and black to enhance the shade of my automobile.
Awesome product!! Good price!! The accuracy is Amazing! Unbelievably Rapid shipping, I had actually an problem through the sleep monitor, sent an e-mail to customer business... and had actually a response within an hour that actually fixed my issue.
I didn’t recognize what to suppose when I ordered this, yet I desire to tell you that it has even more than surpassed what I assumed it might do! I am really enjoying this! It tracks my sleep, my blood oxygen, my blood push and also provides me mindful of the truth that I don’t relocate about sufficient. I am exceptionally happy with this product!!
Wonderful time piece. More then I supposed. First time purchaser from you. Everypoint was perfect from placing the order to receiving it. Great follow up from you on just how the order was being processed and sent out.Your are great!
it"s a nice all about watch 4 my blood pressure oxygen level pulse keeps track of all my steps and also it tells time accurately I favor that I have the right to save track of it on my phone and store a record extremely nice unit
Best fitness watch ive ever before had wear it daily and sleep via it many nights sleep attribute functions well and also whatever else functions genuine great fitness cloud is a good app
I had bought the Fitbit Versa for Christmas and I changed it. Too much money and also it didn’t have actually all the cool attributes this one has actually. What captured my attention to your website was it shelp Veterans Merchandise and I just freshly lost my dad a Vietnam Veteran to agent oarray.

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I love the functions that it has actually. I wonder if it would be possible to review one"s hydration level, comparable to the method it reads one"s Oxygen level; fairly than simply a reminder. It would also be pretty cool if it actively review one"s heart b/m and/or proactively monitored one"s heart similar to an EKG; keeping a document in the instance of any type of ircontinual heartbeat/potential heart attacks.This gadget also gets heat conveniently and also isn"t able to read blood pressure/heart rate/Oxyge...
I love my brand-new v.m.6 Elite Smart Fitness Tracker watch!!! It seems to be very accurate. Checked my pulse on the watch and also then checked it manually and Walla the exact same results! Very Happy via it and it really appears to be incredibly exact. I also love the slim design!!!!
Amazing product and an impressive firm. This item shipped conveniently and securely and also remained in time for my wife’s birthday. She loves it and also supplies it eexceptionally day. Thank you for this good experience!
This device blows amethod the Fitlittle bit competition! More sturdy, specific BP/heart rate/O2/pedometer readings—however the best part is I have the right to share every one of my logged/synced information via my healthcare professionals working in my blood push issues! I cannot recommfinish this tool enough! (Plus, it’s made in the USA, and also choose many kind of of us, I’m making a mindful effort to just purchase products made in the USA these days)