Unsolicited dick pics are pictures of a man’s private part that women get in their inboxes online. Imagine minding your very own business and glancing through your others’ inbox. 

You space curious to view who can have messaged you speak what. Well, if you a woman you already know most of them are just creepy messages favor ‘Hello! please respond’ or ‘Some bobs and vagene’, and also if you to be me you would’ve check out a post like, ‘Main aapko neeche se choomna chahta hoon (I want to kiss you down there)’. 

Women have ignored, politely declined and in most situations shared it amongst friends how men on society media space adamant on illustration their attention. Now not everyone understands why you room mad in ~ their valuable private images or why you have actually reported them. However there is one method you can address such men. Since not all space strangers and also even acquaintances challenge to cross that line, you have the right to use your wit in better ways (and climate report them!). 

Here are several of the most savage responses to cock pics the you can give by using just a single GIF or meme:

1. As soon as you satisfy the ‘little one’ for the an initial time


2. Due to the fact that one Dory GIF is not enough, here’s another one for the masculine squishy parts!


3. Bhaiya, room you a software application update due to the fact that I ain’t loading you appropriate now!

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4. Watch here! We have a guy who go what he wants to and also is for this reason proud! don’t we evaluate a true badass!

Credit: Stackward

5. I opened the newspaper and there was a picture of… not you! So nothing disgrace yourself here!

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6. You take it so much pain come pull under your pants, but consent floored me much more last night through a man I met in ~ a bar 보다 your free-for-all naked :)

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7. The monsters Inc. Are below to tell you what ns couldn’t in person, girlfriend brave small horny soul!


8. What? to be I remote or I just can’t see anything here? more than likely it is your lacking big-dick energy.


9. You must put that in a locket and also carry it approximately your neck, in instance you shed it.


10. Either ns aged a few hundred years or I need spectacles, Sameer, my boy!

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But on a much more serious note, there is no joy in receiving an intimate photo you did no ask for. This is a form of harassment and also the united kingdom is looking to criminalise together unsolicited dick pictures.

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The level of male entitlement the is illustrated through together unabashed move of masculinity space a commonplace thing on dating apps. 

But this is the catch, dear men! The less unasked for prick pics girlfriend send out, you in reality land a chance to accomplish a mrs who might truly display interest in you and also not gag at the believed of you. Imagine chatting up a woman without her having to report you come the Cyber Harassment Cell--what a win-win because that all, you, the woman and society at large!