With the bright vibrant LCD screen on top, and logically set out difficult buttons below, the URC Digital R50 looks choose it method business. But what to adjust this tiny guy personally from similar remotes from Logitech and others is the the R50 doesn"t need an net connection, nor even a computer, in order to gain it configured - it comes v all the an equipment codes you need constructed in (at least in theory).

I chose to run the R50 through its paces in my primary review system. V over a dozen devices, many of i m sorry are new models, I assumed this would provide the R50"s developed in code database a operation for its money. The R50 can store approximately 18 devices in that beefy on-board storage so that was certainly up come the task. And even in this complicated set-up, the far did nice well.

Unlike several of the an ext expensiveLogitech remotes, the URC Digital R50 lacks a charging station and also rechargeable batteries. Yet considering the troubles Logitech has had with these charging basic stations, I"m happy the URC remote works through standard AA batteries instead. Simply buy yourselffour (or eight) good hybrid rechargeable NiMH batteries and a goodAA charger and you"ll it is in in business.

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I had actually resolved to not consult the owner"s manual for this review, and I made that pretty much along without doing so. I almost got stuck once I took prolonged break throughout the configuration. With several gadgets to add, it to be unlikely that ns would have actually an uninterrupted stretch the 30-45 minutes to configure the remote. As soon as I returned to resume set-up, the set-up screen was gone, changed by the main display screen that an end-user would see after the remote is completely set up. But it took me much less than a minute to try holding in that big fat "Main" button for a couple of seconds, and sure enough, this take it me right back into the set-up screens.

Instead of asking you to get in the make and also model number of your devices, the R50 asks just for the kind of device (hint, Blu-ray players room in the "DVD" category) and also the brand that the device, climate it starts cycling v codes that it believes will certainly be a ideal fit because that each component. When you gain to a code collection that properly turns off your device, you hit the "test" switch to test a few more functions, climate you can either save the password or keep relocating on to one that might be a much better fit.

The routine worked pretty fine for many of my components, other than for a Cables-To-Go (Impact Acoustics) HDMI switch which I could not find provided in any kind of of the supposed categories. Fortunately, the R50 also allows you come learn commands from one existing factory remote control if the R50"s password database come up empty. Teaching the R50 the power on/off and also input buttons the this maker should have been a straightforward affair, pressing the desired switch on the R50 complied with by the corresponding button on the initial remote. Yet unfortunately, the an initial time through, just about half of the buttons were successfully learned. It took 4 attempts because that the R50 to finally learn the "Power On" function from the switch"s remote. But once that was done, the R50 might successfully control all work of the HDMI switch.

On the gadgets that the R50 did uncover in that is database, I found the button layout nice intuitive, mapping to comparable functions ~ above the an equipment without the require for additional customization. And the features that had actually no matching hard button (like the ever-popular "DVR" button on a dish Network DVR, which bring up the perform of accessible DVR recordings) were best there top top the color LCD display at the optimal of the remote, again, without the require for any additional customization. Overall, in state of maker set-up from gadgets in its integrated code database, the R50 perform exceptionally well without having to gain into too lot customization.

Remotely Advanced

After adding the gadgets to the remote, I naturally wanted to regime it to carry out more complicated tasks - to strength up multiple materials at once, together is often required in today"s multi-component home theater systems. Top top the R50, these are dubbed macros (common lingo in the industry, actually) and on the R50, macros room really basic to regimen in the progressed Set-Up section. Just assign a macro to a specific button ~ above the far (preferably among the "soft" LCD buttons), then "record" a collection of far keystrokes, and also the R50 will catch the succession for later on "playback." In various other words, once you fight that switch later, the R50 will certainly repeat the series of button presses the you tape-recorded in the macro in stimulate to perform multiple commands.

For example, I set up a macro the selected the TV device, fight the strength button and switched it come the HDMI1 input, selected the preamp/processor, powered the on and also switched it come the "AUX1" input, and also then selected a Panasonic Blu-ray key player and also powered that on. This operated pretty well, except for the truth that the Pioneer PDP-5020FD TV that we had actually in for review takes a if to warm up prior to it will certainly respond to any kind of commands (like an intake command). Eventually I figured out that hitting the "pause" crucial on the remote would include a fifty percent second hold-up into the macro, yet that meant I had to program the macro anywhere again with the delays added (the R50 go not enable you to edit macros, at the very least not by any means that i found). As soon as correctly configured, however, the R50 was able to execute macros properly and also did therefore reliably.

At very first when I collection up a macro, i assigned the to one of the main device buttons in the LCD shade screen ("Blu-ray Player"). This operated as expected, yet every time i switched to a different maker then back to theBlu-ray player, it enforcement the macro again, wreaking havoc by turning devices off that were already on, etc. To deal with this problem, the R50 offers a "press and hold" option which will just execute a macro if the switch is hosted in because that a duration of time, quite than just pushed. To enable this function, just press the pause button (there"s that magic pause switch again) a couple of timesat the really beginning the a macro record session. This way you need to hold in the device button because that a pair of seconds to execute the macrobut a straightforward quick switch press will switch over manage to that machine without executing the macro.

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A genuine Multi-tasker

For those of us who are provided to the Logitech/Harmony "activity" paradigm, it to be a little difficult to get used to the less complicated "macro" facility on the R50. One thing I like about the Harmony remotes is that when you develop an task that includes multiple tools (e.g., a TV, Satellite DVR and also A/V receiver), the Harmony sets increase intelligent defaults to map certain buttons to different devices, based on how you answer concerns posed by the Harmony set-up wizard. Because that example, the volume up/down buttons automatically control the receiver, if the channel up/down and also "guide" buttons operate the satellite DVR.