A an essential part the a civilization"s evolution is its territorial expansion and conquest of rival cities.

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Sid Meier's human being 6 is the continuation of Firaxis Games' long-running collection of turn-based strategy videogames. The target is come to evolve your civilization through the eras while hampering the development of other civilizations.

Updated on august 29, 2021 by Kim Dailey: As Sid Meier's world 6 is continuous evolving with miscellaneous updates and also expansions the nerf some aspects, over strength others, and also render some tricks null and also void altogether, it was time to revisit this article to for sure we're bringing you the latest tactics to navigate Civ 6's ever-changing tides.

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back Sid Meier's people 6 supplies several routes to victory, The conquest of competitor cities continues to be a vital part that a civilization's development to ensure ar expansion and your civ's as whole growth and prosperity. In fact, methodically conquering each opposing civ's are is a great way to run them the end of the game altogether (on the lower obstacles at least) or stunt your societal expansion so severely you'll accomplish the problems for every other form of success by default.

This is why dominating cities in Sid Meier's world 6 have the right to be together a key maneuver, but how perform you attain such a feat? because that starters, militant units room only able come traverse right into a rival's territory when civs room at war through one another, either by declaring war on the various other themselves or having actually their adversary target them in a declaration of war.

once a formal war is declared both armies are free to cross borders at will. Battle in Civ 6 stop a "Capture the Flag" type of objective; conquer enemy cities, whilst defending your house turf. In order to record a city in Civ 6, you must very first lay siege to the city center (the brick on which a Settler initially established the city) come formally occupy the territory. This breaks down into relatively simple phases: storming the city, laying siege to the city walls, and also occupying the city center.

examining The Opposition's Defenses

Defensive City positioning Greece Gorgo river hill tiles just how to catch a city in Civ 6 Screenshot by Kim Dailey
A culmination of factors determines a defending city's strength. Its base strength is tantamount to that of the civilization's the strongest melee, while this other components will determine exactly how robust those defenses will grow.

Capital cities (the an initial city established by a civ) have actually an innately greater defense than other cities in a civ. Cities put up on a hilltop offer added defense value. Specialty districts likewise contribute to a city's overall defense, making Districts an important targets for properly depleting a city's health. You deserve to target Districts one of two ways: By filling them v units the can draw benefits indigenous occupying them. Destroy districts follow me your means to the city center if that is a large territory with Districts put out native the main hub.

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It's also great strategic to plan to location a city near or ideally between mountain ranges. Mountain tiles not only administer a fresh water source and a wide range of adjacency bonuses for future districts but also serve as a herbal defense versus approaching hostile units.

The map's location aside, possibly the biggest hurdle in breaching a city's defenses has come to be laying siege come its border walls. This preliminary line of security has actually been reinforced in Civ 6 compared to previous installations the the people series.

Sacking Rome unit siege placement catapult units how to dominate a city in Civ 6 Screenshot through Kim Dailey
Breaching city walls in Civ 6 needs a tactical two-part focus; cultivate the appropriate units and setting up the ideal formation to storm the city center. The photo above is a great depiction of an early-game siege scenario where you may not have all of the optimal devices to deploy.

Training The best Units because that The Job

since the fortification of city wall surfaces in human being 6, the usage of siege machinery has end up being imperative. Walls market defending cities built-in ranged damage, which deserve to steadily thin out overcoming troops.

In the early eras that Civ 6, conquering militaries will utilize battering Rams and also Siege Towers to breach city walls. Battering Rams shatter a city's wall defenses, but keep in mind the this archaic siege weapon is just a viable tactic versus Ancient Walls.

Conquerers will require to development their siege modern technology before attempting to breach the walls of urban in later eras. Siege Towers allow melee troops come surpass the wall defenses and get a head begin on exhausted the city's health.

However, siege devices alone will certainly not overcome a city. You'll must comprise a balanced militant force the melee and also ranged systems to command the charge.

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Knights and Cavalry generally hit harder than foot soldiers, and also their boosted movement permits them come sweep throughout a continent an ext efficiently. though specialty pressures such as the Japanese Samurai or Gorgo's Hoplite army are heavy hitters that have the right to make fast work that city defenses given proper backup from the ideal support units. In the case of Gorgo's Hoplite army, you can bolster each unit's strength by maneuvering them in pairs to obtain their unit adjacency bonus. In part cases, upgraded melee systems such as Pikemen will certainly be more effective in ~ laying siege to a city than common Horsemen units, for this reason if you're trying the end a new civ because that the first time or just trial and error a new strategy, constantly proceed with caution. Ranged systems such together Archers can provide such assistance by steadily chipping far at a city's wellness while preventing enemy counters. normally the an ext advanced her ranged units, the much more damage they have the right to deal. her ranged devices will be imperative for early-game siege tactics. seaside cities are particularly susceptible if you have a fleet of ranged vessels such together Frigates lining your shores. Bombardment machinery such together Catapults are good for blowing with a city's defenses while likewise staying the end of the heat of fire us by hanging a pair of tiles back — especially if you location foot soldiers about them for extra defense. If your adversary hasn't yet built city walls, a hefty onslaught indigenous bombardments and also other ranged units should be able to breach a city's defenses without enduring a hefty loss.

You have the right to also boost the effectiveness of a certain unit in siege warfare by awarding them details medals of respect for their previous victories. However remember, there is no siege equipment, the attacking army will likely perish before they deserve to breach a well-fortified city's outer defenses. Because that reference, here are the basic debuffs experienced by specific unit classes.

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Melee troops just hit walls with a portion of your usual strength. The power of ranged strikes is cut by roughly half the unit's usual damage.

despite these setbacks, you may scrape by without siege warfare on reduced difficulties, given you exercise masterful troop advance and instate the many astute policies for her governmental practices.

Strategic Positioning

Move-in v siege equipment first, climate melee devices on the an initial circle that tiles bordering the city center. Have archers and bombardments at the ready to move in behind the siege tools one tile out from the city center.

Conquering militaries should be affected by each other in mental the reality cities under siege will need to finance wall repairs throughout the battle; uneven a city's overall health, which will certainly regenerate organically. Additionally, these repairs might only it is in made if the wall surface hasn't been attacked in at least three turns.

This prerequisite can benefit attacking devices significantly, allowing them come balance siege efforts between assaulting the wall, clearing other regional hostile troops, and extr tactical maneuvers. Your melee systems will likely need to heal at some allude mid-siege, therefore the 3-turn leeway prior to repairs can commence permits those units the time to retreat in order come safely recover. This is additionally why it's crucial to leaving these systems a clean escape route, so their retreat doesn't affect other units placing for the siege.

despite the advantage, fledgling militaries especially need to keep come the tactic of methodic advancement from city come city, swarming one city center at a time. That is until you have collected a big enough militant force to place siege come multiple urban simultaneously. Save in mind you'll likewise need to guard the home front, therefore aggressive tactics are sure to make adversaries of your neighboring civ leaders.