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rapid summary↬ Think of Tumblr together micro-blogging ~ above steroids (technically, it’s called “tumblelogging”). Conversely, Twitter and similar services limit articles to 140 personalities or less, Tumblr allows you article updates of any type of length, back it’s best suited to short-format posts. Tumblr bridges the gap between full-blown blog and micro-blog.

Tumblr is additionally an option for developers and an innovative people, because it gives you finish control over the look at of her tumblelog. It likewise offers an excellent opportunities for layout designers, particularly with the recent launch that premium themes (which range in price native $9 to $49). Review on because that your finish guide come using and designing because that Tumblr.

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Why use Tumblr?

Quite simply due to the fact that Tumblr makes setup up a blog really easy. It likewise makes the very simple for you to follow other tumbleloggers ~ above the website and to share your content. Tumblr do the efforts to combine the finest parts of blogging and micro-blogging in one. It handles longer-form and multimedia posts, like consistent blogs, while encouraging much more interaction between tumbleloggers, like micro-blogs.

Post Formats

The truth that Tumblr has integrated formats for a variety of content types makes that stand out from other blogging and micro-blogging platforms. There room templates for text, photos, videos, audio, quotes, links and chat transcripts. Most themes take benefit of the differences between these post varieties and implement distinct formatting because that each one. You have the right to also include plain message to many of these short article types, and you can add images come your message posts. It’s a fairly flexible system.


Because of the unique post formats, Tumblr provides a perfect platform because that vlogging and podcasting, and for photo blogging. For audio posts, you can even call in a post, inquiry nothing much more than a phone. Girlfriend can likewise email in articles of all types (each type of write-up has a details email format).

Tumblr API

The Tumblr API has actually spawned plenty of third-party apps the let you carry out all sorts of things with Tumblr. An ext than a dozen iphone phone apps can be used with Tumblr, and also at least as numerous Web services. Desktop computer and mobile apps room available, and widgets and also plug-ins that you have the right to use on other websites. Friend can collection up Tumblr come automatically write-up to her Twitter or facebook account, too.


For developers, the API opens up a civilization of choices for producing apps. The API chin is reasonably straightforward and anyone with straightforward PHP and also XML an abilities will have a brief learning curve. When dozens that Tumblr apps are currently out there, there’s still plenty of room for more expansion.

Other distinctive Features

Like Twitter, Tumblr lets you follow other users and also view their posts in her dashboard. Tumblr also gives you the alternative to reblog or “heart” (the identical to a “Like” ~ above Facebook) articles from anyone, whether you monitor them or not.

Following various other users is simple: simply click the “Follow” connect in the upper-right edge of your tumblelog. That’s additionally where you’ll discover the links to heart or reblog content.


Blog Options

Tumblr provides you fairly complete manage over how you blog. Friend can set up team blogs with multiple authors. You deserve to also set up countless blogs under a solitary account (each with its very own custom options), though only one username is able to follow other tumblelogs. Tumblr also lets you keep personal Tumblelogs that are password-protected, therefore you can share them v those you know or keep them fully personal. Just make sure not to short article to your public tumblelog through accident!

Getting Started

Starting out through Tumblr is easy. Just sign increase on the site, get in your email attend to and a password and the URL you desire to usage ( You’ll have actually the option to set up a tradition domain name after you’ve signed up. When your account is set up, you deserve to start posting best away.


Themes and also Customization

Hundreds that themes are easily accessible for Tumblr, many of them for free. Take some time to go through the theme options when you sign up, either to uncover one for her tumblelog or come get ideas to produce your own theme.


One thing you may notice with Tumblr themes is that a many them have an extremely narrow content areas. While broader themes room available, the vast majority are narrower than 800 pixels (and some even narrower than that).

Most Tumblr themes come through some customization alternatives that don’t require any HTML and CSS understanding (if you arrangement to create some publicly themes, you’ll probably want to encompass some customization options). There’s additionally an area to go into custom CSS that will certainly override present styles.



You can customize the HTML in any kind of theme, too. Click the “Customize” connect from her dashboard, and then click “Theme” and also “Custom HTML.” This is also how friend would create a theme from scratch. Girlfriend can connect to an outside style sheet, as well (Tumblr has actually a static record uploader because that uploading template assets).


Editing one existing theme is a good way come start making for Tumblr. It likewise gives you complete control over just how your theme looks and works without having to start from scratch.

The Bookmarklet

The Tumblr bookmarklet makes it simple to short article content from anywhere on the Web. Just drag that to your bookmarks toolbar and use it as soon as you uncover something to blog about. Depending upon the page’s content, a home window will popular music up suggesting a certain content format for your post. Girlfriend can readjust the post kind right over there or accept its suggestion.


Most pages will default to the “Link” article format, yet if you’re on Flickr, because that example, it will default to the “Photo” format. Likewise, if you’re city hall a YouTube video, it will default come the “Video” format.

Creating tradition Tumblr Themes

While Tumblr makes it easy to customize the HTML and also CSS of almost any theme, you may want to start from scratch. If you’ve ever created a layout for one more blogging platform or CMS, producing a Tumblr template won’t it is in any much more difficult. Even if you haven’t created a template for one more CMS, creating a Tumblr design template isn’t lot more an overwhelming than creating a conventional HTML template.


Basic Structure

Tumblr themes incorporate the same an easy parts as any type of website. There’s usually a header and main content area, and an optional sidebar and footer. Past that, Tumblr themes are broken down into blocks. Each block on your tumblelog has some item of data. For example, there room blocks for each of the post species (text, photo, audio, video, etc.), and also blocks because that things prefer your tumblelog’s description and “Previous” and “Next” page links.

The Tumblr loop has a huge variety of variables come take benefit of. You’ll need to define blocks for each post kind in bespeak to display them effectively in her theme. Past that, you pick what to include in her theme.

A complete list of Tumblr variables deserve to be discovered on the creating a tradition HTML Theme page on Tumblr’s website. The page additionally includes much more information on producing Tumblr themes in general.

More top top Tumblr design template Variables

Variables enable you to do assorted custom points with her Tumblr themes. Over there are basic variables because that things prefer the theme title, portrait URLs and favicons. Over there are unique variables because that each the the post formats, too. Some formats (like message posts) have actually only a grasp of variables, while others have actually over a dozen.

Creating windy Themes

With the addition of premium themes, numerous designers are becoming much more interested in creating their own Tumblr themes. You might want to do a couple of things come a public design template that you can not bother through for a personal theme, though. One of these is creating some customization alternatives that permit users to change things favor font colors and which components of a page to show and hide. Look roughly at what other themes enable to it is in customized, and also look in ~ the variables that Tumblr uses.


Public themes do have a couple of requirements that might not use to an individual themes. These are:

All the theme’s assets need to be held on Tumblr.Third-party widgets have to be commented out. This method that girlfriend can incorporate the code and also instructions on how to enable it, but it must be disabled by default.Your theme have to support every one of the different short article types: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio and also video.It must support the standard tags (check the variables list to see what castle are).It have to be good-looking and completely functional. Tumblr themes are vetted for quality; unattractive ones won’t make the cut.

At the moment, when you submit a template to Tumblr, it’s free through default. To have the ability to sell premium themes with the Tumblr directory, you’ll either must ask or be invited. Overall, the premium themes program is nice secretive.

This doesn’t average that girlfriend can’t market premium Tumblr themes elsewhere. Theme forest has a variety of Tumblr themes for sale. Other theme developers offer them directly through their own websites. Both are alternatives if you desire to gain into the premium theme market.

Remember to include credit and a link in the footer of her theme, so that visitors can discover your various other themes and download them. Numerous users will leave this credit and link as is, giving you potential web traffic for her blog.

Tumblr-Specific Memes

You might want to think about joining in on some Tumblr-specific trends, events and also memes out there.

Tumblr Tuesdays and also Recommended Blogs

Think of Tumblr Tuesdays as type of choose Twitter’s #FollowFriday hash tag. Tumblr has a integrated recommendation engine the feeds the magazine listings of blogs that are recommended enough as well as the encourage tumblelogs that show up in your dashboard’s sidebar.



I suspect that Tumblr has a higher proportion the bacon-related blogs than on any other blogging or micro-blogging company out there. Simply a fast search turns up at least half a dozen tumblelogs focused solely on bacon.

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Unfollow Friday

Playing on Twitter’s #FollowFriday hash tag, Unfollow Friday motivates you to article annoying or disgusting points to her tumblelog in an effort to get people to unfollow you. The goal is to see how many world you can acquire to stop complying with you.


Whether you’re in search of a quick and easy communication to article short-format or multimedia articles or you’re interested in developing custom Tumblr themes to offer away or sell, this overview should get you on your way. If you have extr resources or advice to share, please execute so in the comment below!