If you are experiencing Error 3000 on Twitch, you will gain a black screen next to the media source decoding issue.

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Twitch Error 3000 – Media resource Decoding Error

Perhaps the HTML5 player has actually stopped responding and also can’t decode or stream your content. Your browser is most likely using the latest version of Flash, which method it no supporting video clip streaming.

Your browser’s cache and cookies can likewise cause problems with streaming top top Twitch.

Best ways To solve Twitch Error 3000

Let’s take a watch at several of the fixes because that Twitch Error 3000.

SOLUTION #1: Clear out the cookie & Cache

Cookies space a typical reason behind various browser issues, for this reason clearing lock out together with the cache is a an excellent fix to begin with.

This is just how to clean the cache and cookies native Chrome:

Open Google Chrome and type this in the attend to bar: chrome://settingsScroll down to the bottom and also click ‘Advanced’.Than click on ‘Privacy and also Security’ and also ‘Clear browsing Data’.Choose ‘All Time’ and every option, climate click ‘Clear searching Data’ again.Restart Chrome and also see even if it is Twitch will currently stream video content.

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SOLUTION #2: Disable Hardware Acceleration

When making use of hardware acceleration, your pc is utilizing hardware rather than software application rendering to effective perform miscellaneous PC functions, result in much better performance.

Sometimes it deserve to cause web browser issues however. Fortunately it’s basic to disable. This is how to turn turn off hardware acceleration:

Launch Chrome and click top top the 3 dots in the peak right corner.Click ~ above ‘Settings’ in the drop-down menu.Scroll down and click top top ‘Advanced’.Look in the ‘System’ tab.Uncheck ‘Use Hardware Acceleration once Available’.Close Chrome then re-launch the to view whether this resolve worked.

SOLUTION #3: allow Third-Party Cookies

Your web browser uses cookies, little snippets of information, to improve your looking experience.

However, numerous browsers don’t permit third-party cookies, which can reason various problems. This is how to enable third-party cookies:

Go to the page where you are seeing the Twitch Error 3000 issue.Locate the cookie symbol on the next of the deal with bar.Click on the to open up a menu and also than click on ‘Always allow (Website Name) to set Cookies’.Restart the browser and also check if it works now.

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These space the easiest fixes to get rid of this stroked nerves error. Hopefully one of the above three solutions deserve to solve the Error 3000 ~ above Twitch, therefore you can stream content successfully.