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"Twilight" is a track written by Jeff Lynne for English absent band electric Light Orchestra (ELO), initially released on their 1981 album Time. The rwandachamber.org phone call of a male who drops asleep when in a twilight state, whereby he imagines everything in his life the is going to occur to him. They add to the album"s overarching template of time travel. It to be the 2nd single exit from the album, peaking in ~ number 30 on the UK Singles Chart and also number 38 top top the us Billboard warm 100. An ext »

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The visions to dance in my mind The early on dawn, the shades of time Twilight crawling through my window glass Am ns awake or execute I dream,The strangest pictures I have seen Night is day and also twilight"s gone awayWith her head held high and your scarlet lies girlfriend came down to me from the open up skies It"s either real or it"s a dream There"s nothing the is in betweenTwilight, I just meant to continue to be awhile Twilight, I gave you time come steal mine mind away from me.Across the night I experienced your challenge You disappeared without a trace You brought me here, but can you take it me backInside the image of your light That now is day and also once to be night You lead me here and then you walk away.Twilight, I just meant to stay awhile Twilight, I offered you time to steal mine mind far from me.You carried me here, yet can you take it me back again?With your head held high and also your scarlet lies you came down to me from the open up skiesIt"s either actual or it"s a dreamThere"s nothing that is in betweenTwilight, I just meant to remain awhile Twilight, I gave you time to steal my mind far from me.Twilight, I only meant to remain awhile Twilight, I only meant to continue to be awhile Twilight, Twilight, Twilight, Twilight.

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electric Light Orchestra electrical Light Orchestra (ELO) are a brothers rock team from Birmingham, England that released eleven studio albums in between 1971 and 1986 and also another album in 2001. ELO were developed to accommodate Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne"s desire to create contemporary rock and also pop songs with classic overtones.

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After Wood"s exit following the band"s debut record, Lynne wrote and arranged every one of the group"s initial compositions and produced every album. Much more »