so i sent out a message to a url im trying to grab and they haven’t responded in 5 days so its definitely hoarded/ inenergetic, do you recognize if there’s anypoint i can perform to speed alengthy the process? a claim i deserve to file to favor “this is an inactive url”?


Yeah, like you sassist, that URL is either being held on to by someone or is simple inenergetic. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to speed alengthy the process of the releasing procedure, if it even happens.

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You might shoot an e-mail about URLs being hoarded/inactive however you’ll only be met through a automated response which basically claims that they can’t release those URLs for xyz factors. I soptimal from suffer. Feel free to attempt anyway, though!

Good luck, dude!



i noticed that sometimes when checking on released urls, immediately reroutes you to the -blog version? is this brand-new for everyone or is this just my initially time suffering this? and also occasionally i deserve to insurance claim the url and sometimes i can’t which is weird idk

Hey, dude! does that instantly because it suggests the original URL (without the ’-blog’) has actually been released! Whether that indicates into limbo or to availcapability is to be determined, obviously by whether or not you deserve to insurance claim it!

Generally its a great authorize, try and claim it if that happens! And if it doesn’t perhaps check a pair even more times throughout your day just in case. If its still unavailable after that its in limbo, which totally bites!

Good luck!



Wait so if a url is released and uneasily accessible does that intend it’s in url limbo forever and also wont be released

Hey, dude!

I perform think tbelow were some (or one?) URLs which were released into limbo that came to be easily accessible again? I foracquire which ones those were.

But generally, if its in limbo its going to stay in limbo. You should constantly save your eye on it though, just in case!!

aggronshelp “Funerals and reshiram were suspfinished, it seems likely urls that were suspfinished xy amount of time back (probably a year+) are being re-released.”


execute you remember just how lengthy after the golem URL end up being “free”, that it became terminated/unclaimable? I simply wanna know so I have the right to be on the look out bc that taken place to one of the urls I wanted :/

Hey, homie!

If I respeak to correctly it was absolutely within a day and also a fifty percent, I’m pretty sure it wasthat day, however I wanna offer it some cushion because it was a while ago and it didn’t seem specifically essential at the time.

I would certainly say save your eye on the URL and your fingers crossed!! Good luck!!! 🍀🍀🍀


jw is there choose a schedule-ish to how often releases urls? is it around when a month or just whenever staff feels favor it

Hey, there!

I think it’s whenever Staff feels like it! I’ve never recognized any type of releases to really be announced and have only uncovered out around them through hearing around it in the Pokemon URL tag!


execute you recognize what we can execute if the url we were tracking was acomponent of the most recent release wave, however is currently stuck as both its url and also -blog and can’t be declared yet? thank you for your help!

Hey, dude!

Ugh! That bites! I would say that the finest thing to carry out, and also the thing you have to perform, is simply continue to keep an eye on it till something alters — and also hopetotally that change will certainly be you being able to gain it!

I recognize the exact same thing happened through the “golem” URL as soon as it was released — I’d been tracking it for a while and also was best there when it readjusted from“golem” to“golem-blog” and also it obtained stuck in the exact same limbo, as well. Unfortunately for me, it later finished up going right out of limbo and straight into dead, gone, and also unavailable.

Fingers crossed that that doesn’t take place you!

Good luck!!!



just how would certainly i go about tracking urls? i have actually one i really desire that hasn’t been provided in 6+ years yet i don’t know what to do to assist uncover out as soon as it’s released >:

Hey, dude!You’re one of about six various people that have sent me messperiods about tracking URLs currently, so I’ll simply share the techniques that I’ve come up via.


Step 1.)Find an inactive URL that you want

Step 2.)Send that blog a message asking if it’s still active

Tip 3.)Follow that blog + keep it at the top of your“Following” page

Step 4.)Check your messages/following page multiple times throughout you day, every day, to see if“-blog” or“-blog1″ ever before gets tacked on to the end of it or if it“disappears”

Step 5.)If you see that any of the over has happened be quick to get the URL!Click right here for the write-up I simply made on how to perform so!

Overall, remember that you can meticulously obsess and track URLs all day long, butthat doesn’t guarantee that you’ll acquire it.It really boils dvery own to luck and being in the ideal area at the appropriate time, particularly because releases are never before announced.

Anymethod, I wish you luck, dude! May you gain your dream URL!


I had actually a url question! my dream url is still an inenergetic blog, and including -blog at the finish brings up web page not found. I was wondering if they generally release them all at the same time when they execute a release like this, or if they can be a few hrs apart? idk if I have to keep trying tonight is what I’m saying lol. If you don’t understand that’s cool, I’m just type of new to the url grabbing game.

Ahh! I’m glad you were able to snag one of your dream URLs! Congratulations!!!

And yeah! I think it takes a while for the blogs to“recollection,” so to soptimal. Meaning, that as soon as you get a released URL all the information that was previously attached to it remains there for a while.(I’ve watched some civilization say that delivering it to another blog and then delivering it earlier functions to recollection it, however I haven’t done that myself!)

But yeah, completely agree, the URL release of yesterday was waaaay funky! I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to snag one of my dream URLs someday!


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