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31VIA / SRCApr 05 2016
Hi i m really sorry to problem you, however do you recognize why sometimes short articles I sign don"t show up in the sign page? I"m a basic blog, yet I have made a few scorpion short articles but lock don"t it seems to be ~ to display up in the "cbs scorpion" tag? perform you know if this is a typical problem, or am ns tagging stuff wrong? Thanks!

No, ns think you spanned them all

Yes, the is quite common problem. Numerous bloggers have actually noticed that several of their tagged short articles do not show up in the sign (when checking that details tag), while other short articles they make do display up.Yes, her tag is exactly #CBS-SCORPION #CBS SCORPION for this show (as the #SCORPION tags is complete of posts about the yes, really animal, and the yoga pose, and also the films and also other things, too, that have actually the word in it)

but a few other think to this very great list…

Your blog is“brand new”. New, just recently produced blogs don’t gain the privilege…yet…of having their tagged short articles show up in the tracked tag pages. ~ a if your short articles will start arriving in the tracked tags despite (I am not certain what the specific time structure is…but ns think you need to have some activity like 100-200 posts, follow some blogs, like some posts, etc… ). It’s kind of a restriction so that brand-new spam blogs could not flood every tags…so hence there is a“waiting period” for brand-new bloggers.You do not make any type of ORIGINAL posts with the tag. Since only ORIGINAL/THE very first POST mirrors up in the tag, no reblogs the the write-up (so if all your write-ups are reblogs, that’s why lock don’t show up) only the posts you yourself made display up in the tag.You have actually not uploaded a photo for your“rwandachamber.org icon picture”. Apparently not changing the“picture-less avatar” prevents your write-ups from getting here in the tracked tags… for this reason upload any kind of image together your icon/avatar pic…

But in basic the concensus is that it is a rwandachamber.org glitch (some tagged write-ups show up, part don’t) the was, is, and will be…

PS. Please note that I carry out not know just how much girlfriend know about rwandachamber.org and also tagging, so i am approaching this together if you recognize NOTHING. If friend are aware of every this already, do ignore these answers. It’s just impossible for me to know what you currently know, and what you dont know.


No, you have actually the appropriate tag: #cbs scorpion.

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Are you including the #cbs scorpion sign in the very first five tags of your post? Blog write-ups will only show if the tags is in ~ the first five tags.

But… periodically not every article you article will show up ~ above the #cbs scorpion tag. I wouldn’t usage the Search role to look up the tags. The search duty USED to display only posts with the desired tag, however now it also shows posts that mention the tag, together well. Or articles by customers who have a comparable name come the tag.

I would examine www.rwandachamber.org.com/tagged/cbs-scorpion come if your short articles are there.

If anyone rather knows why this might be happening, feel totally free to reblog and also answer.

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rwandachamber.org-s reply TO THE QUESTION“WHY dont MY TAGGED articles SHOW increase IN tags PAGES?”:

Long story short, we should make sure you’re not a robot or a spammer. If her blog is brand new, make sure you’ve proved your account via the email we sent when you join rwandachamber.org. When you’ve provided your account for a if (and done normal, person things with it choose follow various other blogs and also like or reblog posts), your articles will start appearing on tags pages.

hi sorry to trouble you, but do you know why sometimes short articles I sign don"t present up in the tag page? I"m a general blog, but I have actually made a few scorpion write-ups but they don"t it seems ~ to display up in the "cbs scorpion" tag? carry out you understand if this is a typical problem, or am ns tagging stuff wrong? Thanks!

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