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Troy Carter net worth is
$30 Million

Troy Carter Wiki Biography

Troy Carter was born ~ above the 14th November 1972, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. Troy earned his network worth and also popularity through his effective engagements in the music industry, functioning as an agent of many artists on the American pop and rap scene, including Lady Gaga, Eve, and also John Legend among others.

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Have you ever wondered exactly how rich troy Carter is? according to sources, the is estimated that trojan Carter`s full net precious is $30 million, an lot earned through his successful career, during which he has actually had many ups and also down, yet Troy got earlier on his feet in 2010, as soon as he founded the Atom Factory, an entertainment management company.

Troy Carter net Worth $30 Million

Carter`s childhood is no one explained in books; his parental divorced when he was only two years old. Furthermore, his father later remarried and also was sentenced to 12 year in jail, ~ he was charged because that killing the brother of his brand-new wife. Anyway, Carter later stated that this had no result on him, and also that his father is his one and only real hero.

Regarding Carter`s education, after ~ graduation indigenous the Sayre middle School, trojan attended the West Philadelphia High School. During his high school years, Troy discovered a laboratory group, entitled 2 also Many, and also decided come quit additional education, in stimulate to seek a job in music. He quickly met up with Will Smith and also James Lassiter, which led to a signed contract v their document label WilJam Records. However, Troy`s to sing career was reduced short, as his team was waived by the document label only one year ~ they had actually signed a contract. Nevertheless, Carter continued to be with James Lassiter as his an individual assistant, and in addition, the collaborated with rap artist DJ Jazzy Jeff. This was a stable if sluggish start come his network worth.

For some years, Troy worked as a promoter that Philadelphia-based rap concert of remarkable artists such as infamous B.I.G. Among others. Through these promotion, troy befriended famed producer Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, who offered him a project at his document label bad Boy Records, located in brand-new York. After ~ his tenure at the record label ended, he returned to Los Angeles to job-related again v Lassiter, yet soon gained fired, and also returned to Philadelphia.

Starting all over again, trojan struggled for a couple of years, yet eventually discovered work as the manager the the climbing rap star Eve. Due to the fact that 1999, his career has gone only upwards, firstly dedicating himself to promoting the job of the already mentioned rap artist Eve, however, in the next few years, his appetite grew, and also in 2007 he created his own managing group, licensed has been granted Coalition Media Group, a couple of months after he had end up being the manager of the popular music star Lady Gaga. In 2010, his net worth increased to a large degree when Troy formed one more management company, Atom Factory, and soon took many notable name of the American music step under his wing, including Bonnie McKee, Meghan Trainor, Mindless Behavior and also many others.

Troy`s network worth flourished in accordance v his increased engagement in the music industry. However, in adding to his network worth, Carter has likewise created one investment fund AIDEA, which has actually over 30 investments in start-up companies such together Spotify, Songza, and Drop Box among many others.

Troy is also known because that his philanthropic work; the serves together an Aspen institute Henry Clown Fellow. Furthermore, the is a member of several humanitarian organizations, including The Grammy foundation and T. J Martell Foundation, among many others.

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When it comes to his an individual life, unlike his career, his love life has been steady, as he has been married come his wife Rebecca for almost 20 years, v whom he has five children.

Full NameTroy Carter
Net Worth$30 Million
Date of BirthNovember 14, 1972
Place that BirthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, united States
Height5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
ProfessionRecord producer, society activist, Fashion designer, Actor, Singer-songwriter, Businessperson, Philanthropist, Music artist, film Producer, television producer
EducationWest Philadelphia High School, Sayre center School
NationalityUnited states of America
SpouseRebecca Carter
NicknamesStefani yone Angelina Germanotta , jone Stefani Germanotta , mom Monster , Germ , Loopy , Sucra , Lady GaGa , Stefani Germanotta , GaGa , Lady the Pop
NominationsPrimetime Emmy compensation for exceptional Variety, Music or Comedy Special
TV ShowsShark Tank