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My parental bought a troy built horse ago in the center 70s. We used it a lot. Then it set for around 20 years. I gained it around about 2001. Had a track up here and also there, however nothing major. While making use of it today, ns heard a real negative sounding noise. I think it blew a rod. When pulling the string, over there is no resistance. So what to do? have actually engine rebuilt? brand-new engine? Buy miscellaneous new? i do have the hiller atachment that fits it.randy
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My first thought would be to call Troy-built and see what they have the right to or would offer or imply - can"t never tell till friend ask!
This engine, it provided to be referred to as Greyhound, now dubbed Predator. below for a $99 coupon. Http:// is a discussion of the project. walk something similar with the 212cc Predator engine and also a belt drive Ford garden tractor. It to be easy, the engine works well. That is lot quieter and also uses much less fuel, too.

My first thought would certainly be to contact Troy-built and see what they can or would market or imply - can"t never tell till girlfriend ask!
This. I just bought the Honda clone, a 6 1/2 hp Predator because that $99 plus $6.50 S&H to placed on mine Troybilt.Runs choose a cat. Wish I had done the 2 years ago it operation so good.A tiller is supplied for tilling and I dont treatment if I use it because that 15 minutes a year or hours a day, it needs to begin easily and also run strong, period.
I have seen good number of world that have used the harbor Freight engines as argued with complete satisfaction. The is what I would do. Just adjust the oil 2-3 times appropriate off the bat. I recognize thats a an essential to obtaining the casting and machining dust the end of the engine.That old TB is 10X the device the brand-new ones are.
Of course, friend can constantly sell the tiller because that scrap, purchase a pair of pigs, and also then "force" you yourself to clock the "Back to Eden" video clip That"s what ns did 3 years ago lol
The old trojan bilt tillers space 10x better then noþeles you deserve to buy today. Fix it, you"ll be much happier.
I would certainly go directly to the real Honda engine, so lot better. More money however it will certainly last the rest of her lifetime....James
Ordinarily, I"m not huge on chinese stuff, but I bought two of those engines for my day-to-day driver tote-gote due to the fact that I figured the very first one would last no time at all, and when I put the 2nd one on, I"d go trying to find a "good" engine. The was 4 or five years ago, and I"m still wait for the very first one to fail.It"s a one-crank wonder, burns no oil, has only had actually a pair of oil changes and also no other organization except maybe roughly a dozen starter cords. Easy to adjust in about five minutes, however keep it v you, in addition to a 5/16" nut driver, knife because that cutting the cord and lighter because that burning the end to save it native fraying. Housing seems to be soft around where the rope come through, and also when that wears through, that starts frizzing and also cutting the cord.....Joe
-I"m agreeing v everybody else. If the tiller is tho in heavy shape other than for the engine, then just replace the engine. All you need to do is make sure whichever one girlfriend get, the tower lines up whereby you require it. L8R,Matt
I would certainly go right to the actual Honda engine, so lot better. Much more money however it will certainly last the rest of her lifetime....James
Though I like my Honda commercial engines, all Hondas space not the same...some space aluminum bore as with a Chinese engine or Briggs and also Stratton. In this instance you will certainly not acquire anymore life native a Honda than any type of other aluminum bore engine.

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I say, choose everybody else. My TB Tuffy Tiller went to heck this year. I changed the 3.5 engine Wisc on it with a Greyhound 2yrs ago. Operated fine. The instructions didnt say anything about changeing the oil at the outset, however did to speak to operation it at idle for a hour or 2 to rest it in. Ns ran it every day ~ above idle if doing various other stuff.This year, after to run Quik expedition Gas v it because that 2 yrs failed come start. I had to purchase a new carb. It started on the second pull. Carb was $22. I currently buy gas v NO additives. E-10 i think its called here. The brand-new engine was about twice the hp. At 6.5Neighbor offered me a steed TB through shot engine. I have pulled the engine, and also am waiting on the money come buy another new preditor engione because that it. Ill like it alot better than the Tuffy, as it has a reverse. And also I deserve to raise/lower/turn the handle L or R.