Using Trove regulates you can teleport, show mastery rank stats, unlock cheats and also more. They’re simple to use, and can make a substantial difference to her game, extending a wide selection of functions.

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And because we’re nice like that, we’ve hunted down every single command that deserve to be supplied in Trove: what you need to type, what every one does, and how you can modify lock for different effects. If you’re playing Trove without using commands, you’re doing that wrong.

How execute you enter Trove commands?

You don’t should do noþeles convoluted come input regulates – you can vital them in straight into the chat window. You’ll require to start each command through a “/” (without quotation marks), adhered to by the command itself, and also finally with any type of modifier if over there is one. If a command is a toggle, inputting 1 after the command transforms it on, while keying 0 ~ the command will revolve it off.


List football player in chat


This will certainly list all the players who space in the same chat as you. You can modify the by adding a certain chat after the command e.g. /chatlist .

Reset her cornerstone


Completely resets her cornerstone to level land. Warning – this will delete every little thing on her cornerstone, forever. Luckily, you’ll have to confirm it to avoid any slip-ups.

Display debug stats


Typing in this command will lug up a wide range of debug information: latency, FPS and also player coordinates.

Open friendlist


This will open up up your friends list. You deserve to also accomplish this by pushing the “O” key.

Show world ID


Displays the i would of the people you’re right now in.

Show level and XP info


Displays your present level, and also the lot of XP you must level up.

Ignore Player


Puts a player on your ignore list. You deserve to specify the player by keying /ignore .

Invite Player


This will certainly send a request to sign up with your world. If accepted, the player will teleport come the requester’s location.

Join World


Will join human being with a details ID. To signify the world, type its ID after ~ the command e.g. /joinworld

Kick player from shadow Arena


You can use this command to absent a certain player native a shadow Arena i beg your pardon you’ve unlocked. Point out the player surname after the command e.g. /kick

Display place coordinates


This will report come the conversation your present location making use of XYZ coordinates.

Show mastery


Shows your mastery rank, stats and experience level.

Quit game


Causes the video game to shutdown immediately.

Force respawn


Forces you personality to respawn.

Toggle mask


This will certainly toggle her mask design on or off. Stats from her mask gear will still be in effect regardless of this option.

Toggle hat


This will certainly toggle your hat design on or off. Stats from your hat equipment will still it is in in result regardless that this option.

Show stats


Displays player stats

Teleport to tutorial


Teleports the player to the Tutorial human being instantly.

Open welcome screen


Opens increase the welcome screen.

Show players in world


Lists every player the is in your current world.


Send to global


Sends a article to global chat

Send come world


Sends a article to people chat.

Join/create conversation channel


Joins or creates a chat channel. Girlfriend can specific the channel by adding after ~ the command.

Join specific chat channel


Joins a details chat channel room. You deserve to specify the channel surname after the command v a number e.g. /join .

Leave chat channel


Leaves the present chat channel.

Reply to last whisper


Sends a reply to the last whisper you have received.

Send post to local


Send a article to nearby players, who can see your blog post as lengthy as they’re within a 40 block range.

Send personal message


Send a private blog post to a certain player. Form in the players name after the command e.g. /whisper .

Enter adventure chat

/join adventure

Access the adventure chat to make teams for adventure portals.

Enter fishing chat

/join fishing

Access the fishing chat to find others to fish with.

Enter price chat

/join price

Access the price conversation to gain price check on specific items.

Enter cooking recipes chat

/join recipe

Access the recipe chat to look for players who’ve discovered recipe lairs.

Enter zero Arena chat

/join sa

Access the shadow Arena chat to look for other teams of football player to take it on zero Arenas.

Enter skies chat

/join sky

Access sky chat to find other teams of players to take on the sky realm.

Enter profession chat

/join trade

Access the trade chat to barter item with other players.

Cry emote


Causes your character to cry,

Dance emote


Causes your character come dance.

Laugh emote


Causes her character to laugh.

Pose emote


Causes your character to pose in a battle-ready stance. Additionally displays her equipped wings.

Shrug emote


Causes her character come shrug.

Sit emote


Causes your character to sit.

Wave emote


Causes your character to wave

Sleep emote


Causes your character come sleep. This will auto-activate if you’re AFK for an ext than two minutes.


List club commands


This will certainly list all club commands.

Demote player

/club demote

De-rank a specific player. Type the player name after the command e.g. /club demote .

Invite to club

/club invite

Invite a player to her club. Kind the player name after the command e.g. /club invite .

Kick native club

/club kick

Kicks a player from your club. Kind the player name after the command e.g. /club kick .

Leave club

/club leave

Leaves you existing club.

Show club members

/club list

Lists every members of a club.

Show club log

/club log

Displays recent edits to the club world and all club inventories.

Club priority

/club makeprimary

Gives a particular club priority end others.

Promote player

/club promote

Increase the location of a specific player. Type the player surname after the command e.g. /club encourage .

Restrict zone come club


Designates a zone that just club members can access.

Hide personality model


Hides your character model.

Take large screenshot


Captures and also stores a 2x-sized screenshot to 4 separate files, each a 4 minutes 1 of the full screen size.

Take screenshot


Captures and stores a screenshot of your existing screen. Does not encompass your UI.

Show personality model


Shows her character model.

Toggle UI


This command will hide or remove your UI; you have to use the F7 vital instead though.

Capture time-lapse


Captures and also stores a succession of screenshots from the place the command is initiated. A number after the command denotes the amount of screenshot e.g. /timelapse 5. The default is 20.

Preview decorations


Preview a certain cornerstone decoration, denoted by the blueprint after the command e.g. /decopreview .

Preview dungeon


Preview a dungeon fully assembled.

Preview challenge decorations


Preview a details cornerstone confront decoration, denoted through the blueprint ~ the command e.g. /facepreview .

Flood fill blocks


Replaces all associated blocks of the kind which you have your mouse over, with the one you have equipped.

Preview hair


Preview a certain hair, denoted through the blueprint after ~ the command e.g. /hairpreview .

Preview hat


Preview a specific hat, denoted by the blueprint after ~ the command e.g. /hatpreview .

Load blueprint


Loads a particular blueprint, denoted through the paper name after the command e.g. /load .

Enter Meta Forge


Teleports you come the Meta Forge.

Save blueprint


Saves a particular blueprint, denoted by the paper name after the command e.g. /save . Typing just /save will immediately save over the last invited blueprint.

Set time


Sets the moment of day, in between a value of 0-24 e.g. /settime <15> sets it to 3pm.


Stop time-lapse dungeon


Cancels the /timelapsedungeon command.

Show dungeon assembly


Previews a dungeon being assembled for troubleshooting purposes. Come specify a dungeon, kind the filename ~ the command e.g. /timelapsedungeon

Test weapon blueprint


Allows you to test how a weapon blueprint looks in-game.

Alter draw distance


Increase or decrease your render distance through a specific value e.g. /drawdistance . The default is 128, and also ranges native 32-210.

Toggle one-of-a-kind effects


Switches top top or off unique effects, consisting of clouds.

Alter LOD distance


Increase or decrease the Level the Detail. Default is 60, and ranges between 15-96.

Toggle MSAA


Switches ~ above or turn off MultiSample Anti-Aliasing.

Toggle Bloom


Switches top top or turn off Bloom.

Toggle DOF


Switches top top or off Depth the Field.

Toggle borders


Switches ~ above or turn off the black borders. Sometimes might not work-related properly.

Toggle FXAA


Switches top top or off fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing.

Toggle Lens Flare


Switches top top or off Lens Flare.

Toggle retro


Switches top top or turn off 16-bit graphics.

Toggle shader


Switches ~ above or off various shader effects. Turning it off will make the harder to check out in dark areas.

Set supersample


Determine the render strength. The default is 1 (100%); 0 is 50%, 4 is 200%, and 10 is 300%.

Toggle Vsync


Switches ~ above or off Vsync.

Set volume


Determine the main game volume. Default is 25, ranges in between 0-100.

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Are you play Trove? been making use of any type of commands for this reason far? permit us know in the comments.