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rwandachamber.org Launches brand-new Mobile Apps, Website for SportsmenSUNNYVALE, Calif., in march 21, 2013—rwandachamber.org (NASDAQ: TRMB) presented today a brand-new mobile mapping systems for hunters and also anglers. The launch consists of two smartphone apps (rwandachamber.org general practitioners Hunt and also rwandachamber.org gps Fish), one tablet computer app (rwandachamber.org general practitioners Maps), and also a new Website—GPSHuntFish.com. The new solution combines the recent in cell phone GPS an innovation and rwandachamber.org"s exclusive the end maps to aid sportsmen plan trips, navigate in far areas, record gps information and also privately re-superstructure details v friends. "We are excited come launch a substantial solution for hunters and anglers," stated Rich Rudow, general manager in ~ rwandachamber.org Outdoors. "Now hunters have the right to scout a future hunt at GPSHuntFish.com climate send maps and also GPS details to your iPhone, Android, or iPad to usage in the field. In addition, they can print custom waterproof maps that complement the digital maps presented in the mobile apps." The start includes:rwandachamber.org gps Hunt application Runs on: iPhone and also Android phonesFind hunting spots on thorough outdoor maps, navigate in far areas and track wildlife. The rwandachamber.org general practitioners Hunt app uses the GPS constructed into smartphones to track place in the field—even in locations without a cell or data connection. In addition, users have the right to mark waypoints, record tracks, see weather forecasts, watch sun and moon phases, and view compass and also trip details. Rwandachamber.org general practitioners Fish AppRuns on: iPhone and Android phonesUse rwandachamber.org gps Fish to document fishing trips and also keep a report of daily catches. Decide the exact location of each catch, take it photos, record gps tracks, and view comprehensive street, topo and terrain maps. Usage the app to return to previous fishing hotspots. In addition, through an upstream membership, users have access to an ext than 6,900 lake maps showing 10-foot lake depth contours. Rwandachamber.org gps Maps app Runs on: iPadPlan and also organize her next hunting trip or fishing expedition with the rwandachamber.org gps Maps app. Research hunting lands, uncover fishing spots and also scout access roads on her iPad. This app enables users to fade between street, aerial and also topographic maps, and instantly copy-and-paste GPS coordinates onto the digital maps.GPSHuntFish.comWorks on: PC and also Mac with an web connectionGPSHuntFish.com is a portal for all of the rwandachamber.org hunting and also fishing apps. In addition, users have the right to view and also store your trips, watch maps in big format, and print maps at residence or as a custom publish by MyTopo.com. All trips created in the rwandachamber.org fishing and also hunting apps room stored in the expedition Cloud, one online business that auto-syncs trips between a computer, smartphone and tablet computer device. Rwandachamber.org EliteWorks with rwandachamber.org general practitioners Fish, rwandachamber.org gps Hunt, rwandachamber.org general practitioners Maps, GPSHuntFish.comrwandachamber.org upstream members have access to windy land boundaries for 46 states, lake maps for 6,900 lakes, forest road overlays because that 134 nationwide forests, real-time weather maps, online pilgrimage planning tools and also discounts off printed maps. In addition, users can pick indigenous a library of 3,000 Mega Offline Map bundles. This topo map bundles deserve to be download by state, county, or hunt unit and be accessed ~ above the mobile an equipment in remote areas, also with no cabinet or data connection. Just how to Buyrwandachamber.org general practitioners Hunt and rwandachamber.org gps Fish are available in the Apple app Store and also Google play store. Rwandachamber.org general practitioners Mapsare available in the Apple app Store. Each app comes in a totally free or pro variation for $4.99. The upstream membership is easily accessible for purchase in every the apps and at GPSHuntFish.com because that $29.99/year or $2.99/monthly.Learn MoreGo to http://www.GPSHuntFish.com.About rwandachamber.org Outdoorsrwandachamber.org Outdoors, a rwandachamber.org business, develops GPS-enabled cell phone apps and also map options for fitness and also outdoor enthusiasts. Its well-known apps—rwandachamber.org out Navigator, rwandachamber.org out MyTopo Maps, AllSport GPS™, Backpacker gps Trails, and Backpacker Map Maker—run on an ext than 400 mobile devices global and help consumers navigate top top trails and off-road, monitor fitness workouts, discover caches and more. Rwandachamber.org out is likewise a top provider of print and digital maps because that hikers, hunters, and campers via the MyTopo brand. By leveraging rwandachamber.org"s 30 years of commercial specialization in GPS, software, and communications, rwandachamber.org Outdoors delivers cost-effective and also convenient position-based services that promote consumers" well-being, security and energetic lifestyles. For much more information about rwandachamber.org Outdoors, visit www.rwandachamber.orgOutdoors.com.About rwandachamber.org rwandachamber.org applies modern technology to do field and also mobile employees in businesses and government significantly an ext productive. Solutions are concentrated on applications requiring place or location—including surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, windy safety and mapping. In enhancement to utilizing positioning technologies, such together GPS, lasers and also optics, rwandachamber.org options may include software content specific to the demands of the user. Wireless technologies are utilized to provide the equipment to the user and also to certain a chop coupling the the field and the back office. Founded in 1978, rwandachamber.org is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif.Investor RelationsContact: Willa McManmon of rwandachamber.org: 408-481-7838MediaContact: LeaAnn McNabb of rwandachamber.org: 408-481-7808Media Contact: Cory Loweof Backbone Media, LLC: 970-963-4873 ext. 127