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I know there are some people who will want to know what the current best weapons and armor list is. Truth be told, that"s actually a more difficult question than people realize. The game"s grown to the point where any of the endgame weaponry becomes viable, and it boils down to what preference you have towards each. It doesn"t help that a lot of the threads are fairly outdated, with the most recent I can find being over a year old.With that being said, I"ll attempt to cover as many bases as possible for weapons and armor. Please note that these are my opinion and not actual gospel. Weapons will be based on raw stats and don"t factor perks from the Mercenary or Tech Specialist trees, so that"s something to consider (sorry smugglers, though y"all can hotswap weapons on the fly without missing a beat >.Some armors, however, are flexible enough that they can be used by more than one class.A small disclaimer: Spoilers may be involved.Another small disclaimer: I have no idea what armor, weapons or accessories work best for lust-based builds. As such, I will not be including them in this initial post. I may come back and add them after hearing suggestions from everyone else. I personally have only used one major lust-based armor and weapon respectively, and I have no idea how effective either are.A third disclaimer: I have no real idea which accessory is best, either. However, I will try my best to throw in a list for people to use.With that being said, here"s an attempt at one of these.
For Kinetic Damage:Saurmorian Hammer (35 Kinetic, -7 Accuracy, 9 Crit, -5 Evasion, Crushing, Stun Chance, Power Armor required)Petra"s Phasic Whip (20 Kinetic + 10 Electric (20 Electric if Tech Specialist), 5 Accuracy, 10 Crit, -10 Evasion (oof), +10 Fortification bonus, Stun Chance (Mercs only), Bonus Hit Rate (Smugglers only), Energy Weapon)Dancing Flashblade (18 Kinetic + 14 Electric, 8 Accuracy, 10 Crit, Penetrating, Bonus Hit Rate, Energy Weapon) (Picking this means you miss out on Lash Cannon)Vibrolass (honorable mention) (30 Kinetic, 4 Accuracy, 4 Evasion, Energy Weapon)For Burning Damage:Plasma Blade (30 Burning, 4 Accuracy, 3 Evasion, Burn Chance, Energy Weapon)Plasma Hawk (12 Kinetic, 15 Burning, 1 Accuracy, 1 Crit, Burn Chance, Energy Weapon)For Freezing Damage:Frozen Spire (16 Kinetic, 12 Freezing, 10 Accuracy)Glacial Auger (11 Kinetic, 25 Freezing, 10 Crit Bonus, Penetrating)For Electric Damage:No pure electric damage weapons as of time of writing.Petra"s Phasic Whip (see Kinetic)Dancing Flashblade (see Kinetic)For Corrosive Damage:Rouser (10 Kinetic, 16 Corrosive, 2 Crit Bonus, 10 Evasion, Penetrating)
For Kinetic Damage:Saurmorian Railgun (41 Kinetic, 7 Accuracy, -3 Evasion, Cannot Crit, Penetrating, Bullet, Power Armor required, Bonus Hit Rate, Rifle)Stormbull Shotgun (35 Kinetic, 18 Accuracy (!), -6 Evasion, Bullet, Shotgun)Aegis LMG (29 Kinetic, 10 Accuracy, -2 Evasion, Bullet, Power Armor required, Cannot Crit, Bonus Hit Rate, Rifle) (Adds 25 Bonus Shields)Hardlight Rifle (honorable mention) (28 Kinetic, 8 Accuracy, Laser, Energy Weapon, Rifle)For Burning Damage:Teyaal"s Heavy Plasma Caster (33 Burning, -5 Accuracy, 10 Crit, Burn Chance, Energy Weapon, Pistol)Chainlaser (32 Burning, 15 Accuracy, -4 Evasion, Laser, Energy Weapon, Power Armor, Bonus Hit Rate, Cannot Crit)Lash Cannon (18 Burning, 18 Electric, 10 Accuracy, 5 Crit, -10 Evasion (oof), Draining, Energy Weapon, Pistol) (Picking this means you miss out on Dancing Flashblade)Apollo Plasma Rifle (honorable mention) (29 Burning, 4 Accuracy, Burn Chance, Energy Weapon, Rifle)For Freezing Damage:FZR Fire Suppression System (24 Freezing, 20 Accuracy (!), -5 Evasion, Cannot Crit, Energy Weapon, Ignores Blindness, Thrower weapon) (Can afflict Deep Freeze)LM19 Kinetic Decelerator "Entropy" (27 Freezing, 6 Accuracy, Energy Weapon)Ice Cappers (26 Freezing, 5 Kinetic, 30 (!) Accuracy, 10 Crit, Bonus Hit Rate, Pistol)For Electric Damage:Khan"s Arc Caster (25 Electric, 5 Accuracy, 8 Crit, Energy Weapon, Pistol)Tri-Beam Rifle (honorable mention) (10 Electric, 10 Burning, 10 Freezing, 10 Accuracy, -5 Evasion, Laser, Energy Weapon, Bonus Hit Rate, Rifle)Lash Cannon (see Burning)For Corrosive Damage:NaN Deconstructor (26 Corrosive, 6 Crit, Vampiric, Penetrating)Hirudo Devourer (16 Corrosive, 16 Kinetic, 5 Crit, Vampiric, Penetrating) (Has -15 Fortification penalty)For Poison Damage:Crucifier Spitter (30 Poison, 10 Crit, Pistol) (Has -10 Fortification penalty)Street Sweeper (30 Poison, 5 Kinetic, 30 (!) Accuracy, -4 Evasion, Shotgun)
For Smugglers:Jumper Jumpsuit (7 Defense, 18 Evasion) (-10% Tease, 15% Electric, 10% Burning)Jeweled Outfit (2 Defense, 20 Sexiness (!), 16 Evasion) (-10% Tease, -20% Psionic, -10% Freezing, 25% Burning) (Fully Exposed, Crystal)Slutty Jumper Jumpsuit (2 Defense, 14 Sexiness, 18 Evasion) (-10% Tease, 15% Electric, 5%Burning) (Groin Exposed, Ass Exposed)Jumper Spacesuit (5 Defense, 7 Sexiness, 16 Evasion) (-10% Tease, 15% Electric, 10% Burning) (Airtight)For Mercenaries:Frostbane Plate (15 Defense, -2 Sexiness, -2 Evasion, +30 Fortification) (50% Freezing, -13% Burning) (Plated, Nullifying) (Getting this means no Frostwyrm kip for you)Ramshackle Power Armor (20 Defense, -10 Sexiness, -10 Evasion, +25 Fortification) (20% Kinetic ,-5% Electric) (10 Accuracy Bonus, Power Armor) (Getting this means missing out on potential future Roz events in later patches)Pump King"s Platemail (14 Defense, +50 Fortification) (40% Electric) (Plated) (Requires playing through Halloween event first)Frostscale Hauberk (12 Defense, -2 Sexiness, -2 Evasion, +25 Fortification) (40% Freezing) (Plated, Nullifying) (Requires playing through Frostwyrm Christmas event first, and only if you have 10 or more kips)Kor"diiak Hide Armor (9 Defense, 9 Evasion, +40 Fortification) (-5% Burning, 40% Freezing) (Smugglers can also make good use of this armor)For Tech Specialists:Augment-Weave Armor (10 Defense, +50 Bonus Shielding, 6 Evasion) (24% Electric) (Doubles as a good selling item if running low on moolah)Daedalus Threads (4 Defense, +50 Bonus Shielding, 8 Sexiness, 3 Evasion) (Chest Exposed, Transparent)Modded Yellow Clothes (honorable mention) (0 Defense, +60 Bonus Shielding, 3 Sexiness, 12 Evasion) (40% Electric) (Smugglers can also make use of this armor)Kor"diiak Hide Armor (see Mercernary entry) (This is the armor I currently use on my Specialist, however, it may not be the most optimal choice for this class.)Honorable mention:Gray Goo Armor (6 Defense, 5 Sexiness, 25% Kinetic, 25% Burning, -25% Electric, -10% Drug, -10% Tease, -10% Pheromone, -10% Psionic) (Comes with ridiculous amounts of versatility, as an armor that can change into a swimsuit, heal, have sexy times with, and more. However, statswise it does fall behind most of the other armors on this list.)As of time of writing, the Gray Goo Armor gains the following upgrades: +2 Defense (to 8), Mirrored Flag, +25% Electric (effectively removing the electric weakness), 50 Bonus Shields. All these give Nova a wee bit more leverage against her competition, but she"s still somewhat weaker than most lategame armors.
Prototype Pirate Shield (-3 Evasion, 200 Shield) (30% Kinetic, -50% Electric, 15% Burning) (The best option available right now for Mercenaries and especially Tech Specialists) (Smugglers can use it too, but the evasion penalty may be a problem)Reaper Mk I Shield (3 Defense, 115 Shield) (45% Kinetic, -50% Electric) (Useful to Smugglers who want a little more defense in exchange for evasiveness)Jumper Shield (4 Evasion, 100 shield) (35% Kinetic, -50% Electric) (Useful for Smugglers who rely on evasion bonuses to avoid damage)
Siegwulfe (Regular) (Boosts Evasion by 10% of Intelligence) (Good as a Combat Drone) (Useful for Smugglers) (Currently used by my Tech Specialist)Shield Aug Bracers (Shield Defense 1, +50 Bonus Shielding) (Useful for Tech Specialists)Santa Hat (Sexiness 5, +50 Fortification) (Useful for Mercenaries) (Only available to collect around Christmas time)MK II Aiming Eyepiece (Accuracy 15) (Reduces enemy Evasion by 5%) (Useful for all classes)Signet of Bravery (Physique/Max Physique +5, Aim/Max Aim +5, +25 Fortification/HP) (Cannot Flee from Combat) (Useful for Mercenaries)Bimboleum Defense System (As of time of writing, the BDS is stupidly powerful against most enemies due to the relative lack of enemies with proper psionic resistance. Very effective on lust-based builds, especially if a Tech Specialist. It does require you to tank damage to the point that your shield breaks, so caution IS advised.)
This section will largely contain extra items that don"t necessarily fit the other categories, but are still worth mentioning.Ero Gas Grenade. Deals 45 Lust Damage, with possible 6 DoT damage to Lust over time. May be worth consideration on a lust-based setup for extra oomph.

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Any more suggestions you have for me? Got personal builds you want to share? Want to yell at me for being wrong (pls no i cri easy ;-; ) ? Let me know in the comments section!EDIT: Theron has posted a number of options for lust-based builds. Check out their post below for info.