Update: Pokémon walk now gives you the capacity to deliver multiple Pokémon in ~ the very same time! It makes it much less complicated to clean out your storage — but you could want come wait a bit prior to using it... You know, in instance there"s a dual Candy occasion over Christmas the way their to be over Halloween.

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When you capture a Pokémon in Pokémon Go, you obtain the creature added to your arsenal, of food — but you additionally receive Stardust and also a couple of pieces the creature-specific liquid to assist Evolve or strength Up the Pokémon later down the road.

But catching creatures isn"t the only method to gain candy: You have the right to transfer extraneous Pokémon to Professor willow to settle your Pokémon storage and get a bonus item of creature Candy, come boot. If you"ve acquired dozens the the same Pokémon (hello, Pidgey), you have the right to use this trick to get even much more candy for part evolutionary excellence (or XP grinding).

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As such, once you end up v two dozen Rattata, you deserve to clear those critters the end of her Pokémon storage through the transfer command, then use them to evolve your greatest Rattata come Raticate, strength up your Raticate, or just grind XP v a lucky Egg.

Which Pokémon need to I transfer and also which need to I keep?

If you"re XP grinding, the doesn"t really matter which extraneous Rattata or Pidgey girlfriend send to the Professor, however if you"re to plan on leveling increase or evolving her creatures, you"re walk to want to think about a couple different attributes. If you"re do the efforts to to fill you Pokédex, store in mind the you"ve got new types come evolve, too. For more information top top this, examine out our overview on the finest Pokémon come level up and also evolve:

How to transfer a Pokémon come the Professor

Open Pokémon Go.Tap the Poké Ball follow me the bottom facility of the screen.Tap the Pokémon icon.

Tap ~ above the Pokémon you desire to transfer to the Professor.


Tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines), then tap Transfer.Tap Yes once asked to confirm. Friend can"t get earlier Pokémon that you deliver to Professor Willow.

You"ll get a an alert that you properly transferred the Pokémon to the Professor and you will receive one Candy. Tap among the continuing to be Pokémon of the same kind to see that there is currently one much more Candy in her possession.


How to deliver multiple Pokémon in ~ once

Thanks to an upgrade to Pokémon GO, you can now move multiple "mons in ~ once. So, getting extra candy from all of those Pidgey and Rattata is quicker than ever!

Open Pokémon Go.Tap the Poké Ball along the bottom facility of the screen.Tap the Pokémon icon.

Press and hold top top a Pokémon you want to transfer. A green square will show up around it.


Select the additional Pokémon that you desire to transfer. Insanity Transfer (#) in ~ the bottom center of the screen.

Tap Yes once asked to confirm. Friend can"t get ago Pokémon that you transport to Professor Willow.


All the the Pokémon that you selected will certainly be transferred and also you will get one candy for every one.

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Want come know an ext about carrying your Pokémon? let us recognize in the comments.