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Find Out all about the nukes in the Whitespring"s Command Center.

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Note: Currently, this page consists of raw search data just. I recognize that it is not a lot, and also I will certainly attempt to update it through more practical information as soon as feasible.

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The Whitespring BunkerAppalachia / West Virginia

Mama Dolce"s Food ProcessingAppalachia / West Virginia

Site AlphaAppalachia / West Virginia

Site BravoAppalachia / West Virginia

Site CharlieAppalachia / West Virginia

1. Explore the Whitespring Command also Center

I"ve lastly earned my access to the Whitespring"s Command Center. Time to inspect in and also check out what"s up there.

Go to The Whitespring Bunker.

2. Complete all the Nuclear Training tutorials (x/4)

Tbelow are four tutorials you deserve to listen to: Nuclear Keycards, Launch Codes, Automated Silos, and also Nucler Fallout and also Mutations.

2.1. (Optional) Stop to a Command Terminal to bypass the tutorials

Just sheight to MODUS Command also Terminal.

3. Soptimal to MODUS

4. -

To launch a nuke, I"ll need a Nuclear Keycard, a full set of silo Code Pieces, and also indevelopment regarding the nature of the Code Pieces" encryption. MODUS" security terminals can point me at the Code Pieces or a keycard. For the encryption, I have the right to check the archives.

4.1. Acquire a Nuclear Keycard

Use the Surveillance System Terminal > Initiate Search - Nuclear Keycard Escort. You will certainly obtain a brand-new search - Hide and also Seek and Destroy.

4.2. Acquire a Nuclear Code Piece

There are eight code pieces for each silo (Alpha / Bravo / Charlie).

Use the Surveillance System Terminal > Initiate Search - Silo Alpha/Bravo/Charlie Code Piece. You will certainly get a brand-new quest - Hide and also Seek and Destroy.

4.3. Search the Archives for info on the Launch Code encryption

Use the Archival Terminal located in the surrounding room > Documents Archives > Archive: Ellen Santiearlier Gen. > The Code Pieces. You will certainly receive Fujinija Facility Password.

4.3.1. Track dvery own information about the code encryption

Go to Mama Dolce"s Food Processing.

To open the door at the end of the pipe, you must have actually the correct ID card - Mama Dolce"s Manager ID Card. Gain access to Mama Dolce"s secure section

The Mama Dolce"s Manager ID Card can be discovered in his office situated on the top floor of the factory.

Rerotate to the pipe, usage the ID card reader, enter the Fujinija Intelligence Base, open the hatch and also enter the trick rooms. In among them discover the Waste Disposal System Terminal > Go into System Command: 4Party651 >

4.4. Launch a nuke from any type of silo (Quest completed)

To gain the 8-digit launch code for certain bunker you need eight code pieces for that bunker and a message additionally for that bunker that you will certainly discover on the display screen in the The Whitespring Bunker. This is a quite complex and also time consuming procedure that has actually been explained step-by-step by one of the reddit users - Step-by-step Guide to Decrypting Launch Codes.

Fortunately, for lazy human being prefer me, tbelow is a very nice website that will certainly carry out the totality project for you. You can examine it for the present week launch codes -

Once you have actually Nuclear Keycard and know the decrypted lauch code, go to the correct silo (Site Alpha, Site Bravo, or Site Charlie) and usage the elevator to go inside.

You have to now get to the Control Room located at the finish of the bunker. To do this, you must complete Mission: Countdvery own Missile Silo Location.

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The last point you have to perform is to insert the keycard right into the Nuclear Keycard Receptacle, use the Keypad to enter the decrypted launch code and also use the Targeting Computer to pick wbelow to drop a bomb.