How do you make a fitness tracker fashionable? The price has, for the many part, averted the industry. Most companies have kept their designs low-key through simple, single-color bands that don" draw attention to themselves. Fitbit" Flex is a great example of how to design an anonymous item of technology well, however today the agency is releasing a brand-new line the accessories v fashion designer Tory Burch that it hopes will propel the tracker from practical to beautiful.

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Burch" accessories take the kind of a brass pendant, a brass bracelet, and also a pair of vivid silicone bands. All four are design to home the Fitbit Flex, i m sorry pops the end of the tape it" sold with come facilitate the switch. They" strong designs; the brass pendant and bracelet in specific feature thick open up fretwork that will be instantly recognizable come anyone acquainted with Burch" back catalogue. They" not fairly as shapely as the sketches Fitbit released as soon as announcing the partnership previously this year, yet they" striking nonetheless.

The two silicone bracelets, accessible in a blue and also pink, space adorned with likewise intricate geometric latticework and also have a stylized cutout that Tory Burch" "" logo for viewing the Flex" status lights. All of the accessories carry out a very good job the hiding the Fitbit Flex contained within, which will likely be a big part that the appeal because that potential buyers. Given their brand cachet, the more striking the the four accessories room predictably expensive: the brass bracelet retails because that $195 and also the pendant because that $175. Neither price contains a Fitbit Flex, which at this time costs $99.95.

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The silicone arm bands are considerably more attainable, priced in ~ $38 each.

The new accessories won" be for everyone — they" absolutely not to mine taste — yet they" a good very first step for Fitbit. Fashion is and also should it is in polarizing, and also Fitbit will have to partner with more designers to develop out a variety of equipment if it desires to cater to everyone" style.



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