In Torchlight 2 players can combine items to form new items, the process is dubbed Transmutation. It’s similar to what was there in the first game but now features new recipes. Our Torchlight 2 Transmuting Recipes guide goes end them all and also how you can use this feature.

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Torchlight 2 Transmuting Recipes

You can begin transmuting items in ~ the begin of action 2.

Here are the adhering to recipes together with the items require and an outcome of the combination.

Name: large Health Potion Ingredients: health and wellness Potion x3

Name: huge Health Potion Ingredients: huge Health potion x3

Name: large Health Potion Ingredients: gigantic Health medicine x3

Name: Super wellness Potion Ingredients: large Health potion x3

Name: Grand health Potion Ingredients: Super wellness Potion x3

Name: Mega health Potion Ingredients: Grand wellness Potion x3

Name: huge Mana Potion Ingredients: Mana medicine x3

Name: giant Mana Potion Ingredients: big Mana medicine x3

Name: Huge Mana PotionIngredients: Giant Mana medicine x3

Name: Super Mana PotionIngredients: Huge Mana potion x3

Name: Grand Mana PotionIngredients: Super Mana potion x3

Name: Mega Mana PotionIngredients: Grand Mana potion x3

Name: Ultimate Mana PotionIngredients: Mega Mana potion x3

Name: A Random set Item Ingredients: Any collection Item x2

Name: A arbitrarily Spell Ingredients: any Spell x2

Name: A random Unique Ingredients: any Unique item x4

Name: add Socket to Item Ingredients: any kind of un-socketed article x1 + any gem of same or higher level x2

Name: High grade Socketable Ingredients: Socketable x3Product: random rare-quality gem


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