Wondering if Torchlight 3 is cross platform in PS4, PC, Xbox One and also Nintendo Switch? Is the choice of overcome play available? discover out here.

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By Nikita top top Oct 16, 2020

Now that Torchlight 3 has released ~ above the significant platforms the PC, PS4, Xbox One and also Switch, you may want to understand if over there is crossplay in Torchlight 3. Can you play with friends on various platforms -Is Torchlight 3 cross platform? find out the answer ideal here.

Torchlight 3 cross Play Available?


The answer to your question of torchlight 3 being cross platform, unfortunately, no. There is a multiplayer choice which you can use v friends having actually the exact same platform together you yet for others, it will certainly not be possible as of now. That means those v PS4 can only play through others having actually PS4 and also it’s the exact same for Xbox One, PC and also Switch. It’s true the nowadays having actually the overcome play alternative really elevates the popularity of games but for part reason, Torchlight III isn’t adhering to suit.

Since that release, Torchlight III has actually received mixed reviews top top steam. Some are stating that that is slow and also too basic while some are comparing it through Torchlight 2 and saying that this title fails in comparison.

Apart of these grievances, players are also sad around not being able to play multiplayer locally. Let’s view if the developers hear to this feedback and also decide to make any changes concerning cross pat and an ext in the future.

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About Torchlight III

Torchlight III is a fantasy dungeon crawler video game where hack and slash and also magical spells reign supreme. You have to collect gear, fight adversaries like monsters and upgrade her character’s abilities. The story the this title takes place a century after Torchlight II wherein the Ember realm ends up in decline.

That’s all us have around Torchlight 3 overcome platform. For much more such recent tips, tricks and also updates, check out our video game travel guide on Gamer Tweak. We’ve got comprehensive coverage around the recent releases the you have to read. For this reason don’t miss out on out!


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