Top Gear has had actually a mixed yet generally positive start come its 2017 era, with brand-new features that us love (elevating chris Harris and Rory Reid, bringing back the old track), and elements we"re quiet unsure that (Matt LeBlanc"s presenting).

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Now we"re in ~ the phase where these guys will no longer acquire away with excuses around needing time come gel and also shake off the ghosts the the blokes who held it before. For this reason what"s the verdict for episode 3?

1. The studio segments

It seems that the producers of Top Gear still haven"t quite decided how the studio segments need to work. I m really sorry to keep bringing castle up, however while Clarkson, Hammond and May all seemed natural when presenting each connect (it wasn"t constantly just Clarkson) – LeBlanc, Reid and also Harris quiet seem slightly awkward, for whatever reason.

The main concern is LeBlanc who, let"s it is in fair to him, is no a jug presenter. Together an actor, he reads off every line on the autocue as if it"s a script, and it doesn"t yes, really work. Harris and also Reid room much much more relaxed, but when they"re having to communicate with LeBlanc, that feels forced and awkward.

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However, LeBlanc seemed much far better this week as soon as presenting to camera ~ above his own. It"s once he"s having actually to take component in scripted banter the it feels painful. As much as we love Matt, a lot of the time the comes across as confused – and not in a cute Joey Tribbiani way, but since he just doesn"t acquire what the hell these weird English guys are on about (more on that in a minute).

Meanwhile, we are loving kris Harris"s grumpy-nerd persona, particularly when rowing v the others. It way that the three of them room at least different.


2. The celebrity guest


While the an initial weeks had stars who plenty of international fans would recognise in James McAvoy and also David Tennant, they didn"t really sell much. This week, they carried in Matt"s old Episodes girlfriend Tamsin Greig.

She"s not precisely Hollywood, yet she was quickly the finest guest they"ve had so far. Firstly, she didn"t simply come in, to speak a couple of things and also then leave. She actually got connected in various other segments and also actually noted most of the banter. As she knew Matt rather a bit, she make the most of taking the piss the end of him – together as when he thought you can clean loos through Fairy Liquid and obviously had no idea what The Archers is. Optimal toilet banter.

The highlight of the whole episode was once Tamsin passive-aggressively functioned her means through her lap trial and error with kris Harris, telling him off for being so rude. Replacing The Stig through Harris because that this attribute has to be a masterstroke.

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However, the really interview part still felt awkward in ~ the beginning, also with Matt learning her well. As all three of the guys are there, none of them is regulating the interview, and it can quickly fall apart if they"re not careful. Back the interview segment is much far better than the beyond-boring variation they had last year, that perhaps might still carry out with a little bit of tweaking.