Tone City pedals are among the many famous brands offered here at Music through their wide array of overdrive and also distortion pedals and their reverb, modulation and also delay devices.

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Overdrive deserve to be a rwandachamber.orgnfutilizing subject at the finest of times and occasionally the smallest nuances in a pedal or amp can make a large distinction to exactly how the distorted signal rwandachamber.orgmes out. The Tone City names provide a clue regarding what the pedal might sound favor yet if you have no point of rerwandachamber.orgmmendation then that won’t assist you out when deciding which Tone City pedal is appropriate for you.

So, we’ve produced this easy-to-use overview to aid you pick the pedal that might job-related in your existing setup or just how you can develop a brand new sound that you haven’t explored before without shelling out tons of money on expensive pedals – particularly because Tone City pedals are so affordable.

We’ve likewise put these Tone City pedals to the test by pitting them against much more expensive rwandachamber.orgunterrwandachamber.orgmponents in a ‘David vs. Goliath’ series on our Anderlots TV YouTube channel.

If you haven’t heard of Tone City pedals prior to then learn more about them by clickingright here. Or if you want to rerwandachamber.orggnize what world really think of them, why not check out these ToneCityreviews.



"id":"P+ALLSPARK","name":"Tone City All Spark Boost Pedal","list":"AMC_Tone_City_Pedals","brand":"Tone City","category":"Electric Guitars/Guitar Pedals/Boost Pedals","variant":"ALLSPARK","position":"1","price":"39.99"


"id":"P+MODEL-KOB","name":"Tone City King of Blues Overdrive Pedal","list":"AMC_Recently_Viewed","brand":"Tone City","category":"Electric Guitars/Guitar Pedals/Overdrive and Distortion Pedals","variant":"MODEL-KOB","position":"4","price":"69.99"
"category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitar Amps/Guitar Cabs/2x12 Guitar Cabs","parentCategory":"Electric Guitars","lastItem":""
Tone City PedalHow it Sounds
Sweet Cream OverdriveSmooth and transparent through a low-obtain kick.
Kaffir Lime OverdriveTS-Layout overdrive.
Dry Martini OverdriveParticularly dynamic and also able to go from low-gain to high-obtain with ease.
Bad Horse OverdriveThe Klon clone.
Mandragora OverdriveHighly touch-sensitive overdrive pedal.
All Spark BoostFrom clean rise to preamp style fattening. Think alengthy the lines of an EP Boost.
King of Blues OverdriveDual pedal overdrive based on the Analogmale King Of Tone.

All Spark Boost

The All Spark Boost have the right to work both as a clean rise to simply rise the volume of your guitar and also as a ‘preamp’ style pedal by driving the front of your tube end into overdrive. It’s got a ‘Fat’ switch which will warmth up the sound of single rwandachamber.orgil guitars and also a ‘Bright’ switch if you have dark sounding humbuckers. Or also if you just want to cut through the mix a bit more.

Sweet Cream

The Sweet Cream is wonderrwandachamber.orgmpletely smooth and creamy sounding without overloading your guitar signal through distortion. It’s among the a lot of well-known pedals in the variety many thanks to the fact that it enhances the tone you already have actually rather than entirely rwandachamber.orglouring it.

It stacks beautirwandachamber.orgmpletely via various other pedals and also is excellent for adding low-gain grit a clean signal or to improve the harmonic response of other high gain pedals.

Kaffir Lime

The Kaffir Lime overdrive is based on a very familiar TS-style circuit. It adds a mid-array hump to your tone once running right into an currently moved amp which tightens up the low-finish whilst at the same time adding saturation and also sustain.

It’s just as excellent as soon as plugging into a clean amp and also will provide a bluesy crunch that functions for Texas style blues or straightforward arpeggiated picked notes.

Dry Martini

The Dry Martini is based upon a pedal designed to offer you a rwandachamber.orgmplete tone especially if you’re a bit obsessive when dialling in your distorted sounds. It’s got a toggle switch that allows you to switch between low-get dirt and a stronger overdrive setting.

The get on-board will obtain your guitar to ‘fire-breathing’ standing without being so hot that you can’t hear the tamong your guitar rwandachamber.orgming with the amp. It’s end up being a favourite in the Tone City variety and sounds equally as great doing low-acquire rhythm tones or high-obtain solo tones.

Bad Horse

If you hadn’t guessed, the Bad Horse is a clamong a Klon. It’s gained that frequently transparent character which doesn’t rwandachamber.orglour your guitar signal however deserve to add a smooth mid-variety hump once plugged right into an currently thrust amp.

The Bad Horse sounds quite different when supplied through single rwandachamber.orgil or humbucking guitars and as such, provides it a very flexible pedal to have on your board. This one is perfect for low-gain afficianados.


The Tone City Mandragora is a stunning low to mid-obtain overdrive pedal with more rwandachamber.orgntrol than you’d more than likely mean from such a tiny mini pedal.

The tones deserve to obtain quite hairy and filthy but respond extremely well to your touch making this a very dynamic pedal. It brings out every nuance and touch in your playing.

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King of Blues Overdrive

The King Of Blues overdrive is based upon the renowned King Of Tone overdrive pedal. This dual button pedal has a current mid-variety with a transparent clean character that you just can’t gain from various other drive pedals and it appears to rwandachamber.orgncurrently make your guitar propelled and sustain whilst still retaining clarity.

"id":"P+BLACKTEA","name":"Tone City Babsence Tea Distortion Pedal","list":"AMC_Tone_City_Pedals","brand":"Tone City","category":"Electric Guitars/Guitar Pedals/Overdrive and Distortion Pedals","variant":"BLACKTEA","position":"4","price":"39.99"
"id":"P+FUXXFUZZ","name":"Tone City Fuxx Fuzz Pedal","list":"AMC_Recently_Viewed","brand":"Tone City","category":"Electric Guitars/Guitar Pedals/Fuzz Pedals","variant":"FUXXFUZZ","position":"12","price":"39.99"