Hands on through the TomTom walk LIVE 1535M

The TomTom go LIVE 1535 M

is the company’s brand-new mid-range navigator special LIVE (Internet connected) services, such together HD traffic, fuel prices, weather, and also Google regional search. And also it’s their first device with travel apps – Twitter, Yelp, TripAdvisor and also Expedia. The walk LIVE 1535M has a 5” screen and comes v preloaded maps of the US, Canada and Mexico. It additionally includes life time map updates, Bluetooth because that hands complimentary calling and voice command. Rather a package; ok delve right into the details quickly but an initial let’s look in ~ some…

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The 1535M is developed on the VIA series platform, for this reason it’s hardware differs substantially from the 2535M. The 1535M has a 5” resistive touchscreen, no the simpler to usage capacitive screen uncovered on the 2535M. And also unlike it’s deluxe sibling, which uses a wonderful magnetic mount, the 1535M has an incorporated fold & go mount, together you have the right to see below.

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If girlfriend look closely, you’ll also note the mini-USB plug for the power lead and also the on/off switch on the rear of the unit. Some folks don’t favor the latter’s position, yet I uncovered it pretty simple to acquire used to. The mount is really secure; ns never had actually it pop off the windshield in over a month that use.

The unit automatically rotates so that you can use that mount ~ above the windshield or attached to a dashboard mount. There is no portrait view though; in various other words, there is no height or bottom – you have the right to use it in landscape mode either way.

The hardware seems a little bit underpowered though, as the unit is laggy, often taking a full 2nd or 2 (and occasionally more) come respond to screens taps. The unit is also a little slower than most to lock ~ above satellites. I never had actually it fail me extensively in this regard, however I was frequently a block or 2 down the road before it locked.

About those apps

What’s brand-new here is the consist of of miscellaneous apps. Yelp, TripAdvisor and also Expedia all lug reviews and other information to your dash. Yet what about that Twitter app? Well, girlfriend won’t have the ability to read tweets while driving, thankfully. However it will enable you to tweet her arrival time, check in, etc.


I’m not certain how valuable this is for most folks, although ns was a little bit surprised not to see Facebook integration.

The Yelp, TripAdvisor and also Expedia testimonial apps are perhaps much more useful, allowing you come drill down and read separation, personal, instance reviews.

More LIVE services

Other live services include HD traffic, rate cameras, fuel prices, Google local search and also weather. These space as or an ext useful than the abovementioned apps. Below are part comments on a couple of of them…

HD Traffic

While ns don’t live in one area v traffic coverage, ns did take trip to several coverage locations with the device. Nevertheless, i wasn’t left v a solid feeling about it one way or the other. HD traffic should provide you an ext frequent updates and extr data covering more roads than you obtain with FM traffic. Normally speaking, it was at least on par through the Garmin nuvi 3490LMT ns tested it against, back there were times the TomTom to be pulling in an HD signal once the nuvi wasn’t.

Google regional search

In my opinion, this is one of the finest reasons to gain a linked device. No, Google no infallible, but you have the right to usually find locations that aren’t in a navigation device’s static points of attention database yet.


Tap this symbol to get options for weather close to you, weather near destination or weather near another location. When you do your an option you’ll listen something favor “weather report for today – sunny, best temperature 64 degrees Fahrenheit, minimum temperature 33 degrees Fahrenheit.” It also displays the five day forecast, chance of precipitation and wind speed.

Fuel prices

This is one more nice feature, although there is nothing to indicate the freshness of the data, i beg your pardon brings united state to…


Or not. In areas where I had no trouble with the 2535M LIVE, I usually couldn’t affix with this model. Sometimes it would say “Cannot connect to LIVE services. Please shot again later.” once when i tapped the Google Local button I gained “Battery too low, wait because that battery to be charged.” Um, it to be plugged in. And other time the LIVE solutions buttons were totally unresponsive. I never noticed this in larger industries where ns tested it; just in smaller metros, but again, this were areas where I had actually no trouble through the 2535M LIVE.

The cost of LIVE services

LIVE solutions are ceded via a built-in cellular modem, therefore there is a fee because that this. One year the LIVE solutions is had when you buy the device. To renew that will cost you $59.95 annually.

TomTom walk LIVE 1535 M interface

The 1535 M provides TomTom’s recently introduced WebKit-based interface, which bring a clean and also uncluttered look to the unit. One development I’ll note is the they’ve added back in multi-destination routing (of a sort), which was absent from the original 2535M release. You can now add up to three via points follow me a route. You can likewise reorder lock (manually; it has no optimize feature).

Basically this is a VIA interface, therefore my comment from mine VIA 1535TM review apply here together well:

The keypad shows all upper instance letters, but types lower case unless you hit the change key, leading to frustration once naming and also saving favorites. A minor point, but one that they should have actually caught. Also, you have actually to get in the food selection to conserve favorites; friend cannot execute it from the results display after you’ve looked for a POI or address.

As usual with TomToms, you have the right to select certain POI categories to display screen on the map; a nice feature indeed.

You can set the maker to automatically shut down (under setups > Battery Saving). Generally speaking, the TomTom would not come on instantly when I started the car, except for a few times when it did. I never might figure the end a means to effectively replicate this though!

One nice feature, once staring a route, is the LIVE solutions tab, which provides you quick accessibility to info about traffic, the cheapest gas and also speed cameras top top your path – nice!


Now because that a couple of things ns didn’t like:

First that all, it can take quite a few taps to ago out that menus. Over there is no faster way to the main menu (other 보다 tapping the map, yet you have to be top top the map display to perform that). This is further complex by having actually to consistently tap the ago button in the lower left hand edge to ago out the menus, then having to move to done in the reduced right hand corner to obtain out of the key menu and earlier to the map.

Also, Favorites room sorted alphabetically, no by distance.

And speed limit coverage is fairly restricted in my neck the the woods; I even saw four lane us highways without rate limits.

Voice command

Voice command acknowledgment is good, though not quite as great as top top the TomTom 2535M or Garmin nuvi 2×95 series. You need to tap the microphone icon to begin voice command mode; over there is no “wakeup phrase.” and I did have actually times when it was listening, however the speak a command symbol was no visible.

Also the note, you can not say just any POI name; “you deserve to say name from end 400 famous brands.” Nor deserve to you access Google neighborhood search through voice command.

One nice touch ns appreciated to be a instance where I want to enter a store place by voice and also I knew the surname of the street but not the number. I was simply going to make something up, like 100, however after I gotten in the street name, when it prompted me for a number, it stated “you can pick a cross street or say anywhere.” so I stated “anywhere.” well done.

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I was able to pair the TomTom with my Motorola Droid, although it take it a couple of tries. Sound high quality for the person on the other end of the line to be clear yet tinny. The TomTom did efficiently retrieve my phone’s deal with book though.

TomTom go LIVE 1535M pros

Internet linked LIVE solutions (full year included)HD traffic5” screenLifetime map updatesVoice commandBluetooth because that hands complimentary cell phone call use

TomTom go LIVE 1535M cons

Underpowered processor results in lags in display screen responseBuggy interfaceSlow to gain satellitesCellular modem fail to connect in part areasLIVE solutions run $59.95 per year after the very first year

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