Former Fox News and also NBC anchor Megyn Kelly will organize an exclusive daily radio show for SiriusXM, the agency said Tuesday.

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Kelly will organize her eponymous The Megyn Kelly Show weekdays native 12-2 p.m. ET on the Triumph channel 111 beginning Sept. 7. As component of the exclusive deal, subscribers will likewise get accessibility to a video version that the show. Subscribers to Kelly’s podcast will obtain to listen to illustration of the daily display on a delay.

Red seat Ventures, which handled production and distribution that Kelly’s podcast, will develop the brand-new radio show.

Triumph is one of SiriusXM’s talk channels, special shows organized by talent prefer Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace and also Dave Ramsey.

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“My team and I have actually been thankful to view our show, in much less than a year, come to be one that the most successful podcasts in America — proving that there is a thirst for open, honest and more meaningful conversations about current events,” claimed Kelly in a statement.

“I can’t think of a better partner to aid us expand that reach even further than a blue-chip brand choose SiriusXM, i m sorry has always been a leader in predicting industry trends and also is perfectly positioned for the evolving way in which americans consume their news.”



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