Photograph by Thought Catalog on UnsplashDear reader, as soon as I say ‘the love of my life’ it’s not about one perkid, nor just one love, tright here are 3 of them. Books, music and also dramas, these 3 have actually been the anchors holding my life together throughout those days that were my lowest and also few days turned magical because of them.

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My love in the direction of books started lengthy before I knew what love was. I don’t remember a time wright here I wasn’t reading a book. It all started with son story books (Chandamama/Balamithra). I began reading them as soon as I might understand also entirety sentences. But my passion for analysis novels was ignited after reading my first ever Enid Blyton book. Those who are right into reading from a young age and understand Enid Blyton will require no further explanation, but if you are not into reading, please introduce young ones around you to this wonderful author as it will maximize a child’s creativity. Believe me as soon as I say, I have never before set my foot on European soil, however I can offer u a thorough account of eexceptionally location that was defined in her publications also this day (also if they aren’t there anymore).



I learnt to imagine what I am analysis at a very young age, and also that aided me exponentially in my classes, I provided to imagine everything the teacher taught no matter what topic, significantly reducing the moment I spent on analysis college message publications. I could recollect my classes and redevelop them on exam papers with minimum revision. The human mind is a fascinating thing, and also civilization who review publications have actually a slightly different perspective on life. They are much less judgmental and are more open to accepting people as they are. So once young minds are exposed to publications prefer these, they might lean in the direction of the positive sides of life in their future.

If fact be told, this love of mine gradually turned into an addiction, in a very good way, thankcompletely. I feel shed when I don’t review a novel for 48 hrs straight! It feels as if I am lacking somepoint necessary in life, like food/water.

I have actually read a fair share of books in all the genres, however, for the previous 10 years, I have actually stuck to fantasy. I review and re-check out multiple times fantasy books because they let me drift right into a different people, a world devoid of truth, a people wright here I am my own person, no mask, nopoint fake, a human being which is pure and selfmuch less. Fantasy is where I have met my ideal friends, loved them, lived via them and shed them. Good authors will build characters that you have the right to relate to, they will certainly make you feel that you are a part of the book, not someone that is reading the book, however someone that is in the book. Tbelow are few personalities that seem so actual, you laugh once they laugh, you cry when they cry, you flourish via them, you fight along their sides, you feel their emotional pain as soon as they are hurt and you feel their rage and their passion. And once the book ends, you curl up and cry as if you have shed everything in life and also there is no hope left. But inevitably, you will certainly pick up the next book and also torture yourself again.



Tbelow are publications that I have loved so much that I would provide anypoint to review it for the first time aobtain, feel every emotion for the first time aobtain. Since that is not feasible, I re-read my favorite books aget and aget and aobtain without an finish. Anvarious other factor for my recurring re-reading sessions are the infamed gaps between the books in a series, I expect its fantasy we are talking around and also the majority of of them are component of series: Harry Potter/A Tune Of Ice And Fire/ Lord Of The Rings/King killer chronicles/Inheritance Cycle/Divergent/ Pecry Jackson and the Olympians are a few examples. I have actually waited for books in a series from a minimum of 2 months interval to forever before (I am still waiting for the last books in ASOIAF and also King Killer chronicles), and also the wait will test any sane man’s patience.

Fantasy books are collection in many type of various people that are totally developed on the author’s creativity, they are nopoint you have ever before watched or heard around. The distinct civilization building and also the different species introduced in fantasy are something that authors must be proud of: Dragons, magic, elves, and also the languages. Gods! The languages, as if we haven’t gained sufficient languperiods on this earth, authors invent their very own langueras and also complicate our currently complex resides. I occasionally pity those world that have actually never before read a fantasy book in their life and tbelow are times as soon as I envy them for their ignorance.


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There is one various other genre that pertains to my help once fantasy lets me dvery own (or when a book has damaged my non-existent heart into million pieces) and also that is Romance. They are favor a balm to my damaged heart, I am not saying there is no anguish or heartaches in a romance novel, but they constantly have a happily ever after. They are shorter than fantasy books and administer you closure at the end, no loose ends, no cliff-hangers.

Books are my friends and teachers. One of my greatest lesson in life is “human being come and people go, yet books will remain via me forever”.

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They have actually gained me via life once my entirety human being came acomponent, crashing right into chaos and also past. Couple of publications have readjusted my perspective in the direction of life and human being about me; they have actually readjusted the way of my life for better, for excellent. I deserve to fill in 10s and numerous publications through words describing my love in the direction of books, but I will soptimal here.