Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located on either side of her face. It connects your reduced jaw to her skull, allowing you to do movements necessary to your day-to-day life, such as chewing, speaking, and even yawning. Unfortunately, for some people, these an easy tasks room harder than they should be since of a disorder of the joint. A TMJ disorder can limit the motions of your jaw while additionally causing numerous painful symptoms. Dr. Olsen embraces the latest technologies to provide you the relief you require using 10s therapy in Ann Arbor, MI. That routinely uses the TENS an equipment to create personalized remedies to avoid your discomfort.

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What is the tens Machine?

A disorder the the temporomandibular joint can be brought about by numerous issues, such together a poorly to adjust bite, past trauma, or arthritis. No issue the cause, it deserve to limit your capability to fully open your mouth. Her jaw may even lock into an opened up or closed position. Countless patients report emotion a clicking, popping, or grating sensation when relocating the joint.

Unfortunately, it’s typical to suffer facial pain, which can radiate come the neck and also shoulders. Friend may likewise have a headache, earache, or also oral pain. A 10s unit blocks pain signals to the brain. Not just does this provide you the relief friend need, however it also helps minimize the tension that may bring about tension in the jaw.

How can It aid Me?


TENS treatment is recipe on the id that both painful and also non-painful signals can not be sent come the brain’s receptors at the exact same time. This is more commonly well-known as the gate control theory. Essentially, the unit activates the non-painful inputs come the brain, i beg your pardon “closes the gate” for painful signals. Patients report feeling a tingling sensation together it also releases endorphins, which space the body’s organic painkiller.

What are the services of the 10s Unit?


TENS represents “Transcutaneous electric Nerve Stimulation.” This is a drug-free and noninvasive pains control an approach that offers high-frequency electric impulses come the brain to interrupt that is signals using electrodes placed on her skin. The unit is flexible to cater the setups to your certain needs.

Safe. Non-invasive. Automatically effective pains relief. Significantly reduce or eliminate the painful symptom of TMJ.

Why need to I Visit my Dentist for tens Therapy?


If you’re ready to overcome the pains of a TMJ disorder, 10s therapy might be an alternative for you. Now, there are numerous machines obtainable for acquisition that case to carry out the very same benefits as those obtainable from a dentist; however, there are safety concerns. The placement of the electrodes is an important for acquiring relief. Because you’re dealing with the temporomandibular joint, they space usually placed on the basic of the head and also neck.

Dr. Olsen is specially trained come safely use the 10s unit for TMJ therapy. He will certainly ensure the exactly placement because that long-lasting relief without compromising your safety.

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Get the Relief You need Today!

If you’re ready to take manage of your top quality of life, it’s time to see if you’re a candidate for TMJ treatment using the 10s unit. Contact our dentist office now to schedule her consultation.