Adaptable and also versatile, the FastenMaster Tiger claw TC-G surprise Deck Fasteners space the ideal an option for attaching a wide majority of grooved decking material. Specifically designed to work with 5/4 inch thick deck boards, the TC-G fasteners function sharp prongs the embed right into the groove that the deck board for premium holding power and a lasting connection between the decking and also joist. Create a beautiful, clear deck surface free of clearly shows screws or fasteners because that a gorgeous the end living space family and friends will love to gather on through Tiger nippers TC-G concealed Deck Fasteners. Make from durable, corrosion-resistant grade 304 stainless steel, the Tiger claw TC-G clips supply an attachment you can trust and create a consistent 3/16 inch board spacing throughout the outdoor room for one immaculate look.

The Tiger nipper TC-G covert Fastener mechanism by FastenMaster is ACQ-compliant and also compatible with grooved boards consisting of Trex, Fiberon, Wolf, Veranda, Brazilian Redwood, Ipe, Ironwood, Teak, Cambara, and more.

Working through non-grooved or square edge deck boards? use the TigerClaw Router little to develop the perfect side-groove in one simple motion.

Tiger nippers TC-G Fasteners are easily accessible in package of 90 to cover about 50 square feet and a pail of 900 come cover about 500 square feet. The 90 load of TC-G clips include the fasteners, stainless stole screws, and also a square journey bit, if the 900 pail the Tiger claw TC-G has only the fasteners and also is expected to be used with Collated Pneumatic Screws and also the Tiger claw Pneumatic gun for fast installation of larger outdoor projects.

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TigerClaw TC-G installation Instructions(1.1 MB)

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Pack Size90 box (includes screws) and also 900 item pail (DOES NOT incorporate SCREWS)
Decking CompatibilityFor usage with: TC-G is appropriate for 5/4 in come 2 in deck boards and the adhering to composites and also hardwoods: Brazilian Redwood, Ipe, Ironwood, Mangaris, Teak, Cambara, Meranti, harbor Orford Cedar, Trex Select, Trex Enhance, and Trex TranscendNot recommended for usage with: push Treated Pine, Decking material prone come high shrinkage, hollow Composite decking, and Decking boards much less than 7/8 in thick
ColorSemi gloss black finish
Dimensions(width x depth x height)1.075 in x 0.085 in x 0.512 in
Material Type304 grade stainless steel
FinishBlack oxide through sealer topcoat
GappingAutomatic 3/16 in room between each board
Coverage Estimate90 pieces: 50 sq ft(when using 5-1/2 in decking with 16 in on-center joists)Square clip x 1.75 = # Fasteners needed
Package Contents90 box: (90) Tiger nippers fasteners, (92) #7 x 1 5/8 in stainless stole screws, (1) #1 square journey bit, (1) surroundings sheet and also (1) support addendum900 piece pail: (900) Tiger nippers fasteners (Screws no included)
OtherMade in the USA