TI-36X Pro just how To Change fraction Or Square root To DecimalTI-36X Pro just how To Change portion Or Square source To Decimal

By default the TI-36X Pro provides answers in exact form. This method simplified fractions and also square roots. But what if you desire a decimal? This indict will show you just how to switch response to decimal form.

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Switching response to decimal form is actually extremely simple. All you need to do is push the crucial right above the  key on your TI-36X pro (we’ll call this the <≈> key.

In the example below we entered √24 and got the answer 2√6. Straight after that us pressed the <≈> key above the  key and also the calculator convert the answer come decimal form.


You don’t have to always have the calculator leveling to 2√6 and then convert to decimal form. You deserve to do it all in one line with your initial square source (ex: √24). To carry out this, just get in your square root and also press the , then the <≈> key. ~ that, push and your answer will be given in decimal form.


Make certain that the is shown outside the the square source (or fraction) or else you will get an error.


This technique also functions for turning fractions right into decimals and also all other expressions. Simply remember come make sure that the is after ~ the entered expression and not all over inside that it.

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