Last year we had the possibility to shot out Thrusmaster’s TX racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, which showed to it is in a an excellent addition to your racing setup, yet only if you had a reasonable budget to spend. We all recognize that not everyone have the right to throw roughly money together if you’ve won the lottery or the you space simply trying to find a racing wheel it is a tad much more affordable, there need to be various other alternatives. Thrustmaster made certain that Xbox One gamers could also get a racing wheel at an entry level price, namely the Ferrari 458 Spider gyeongju Wheel. We wonder if it deserve to live as much as the good impression its enlarge brother has left united state with.

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Thrustmaster has a knack because that creating great replicas that steering wheels and the Ferrari 458 Spider gyeongju Wheel happens to be no exception. The wheel is a 7/10 replica that the actual steering wheel and for the most part it looks just like the real thing. The red rubber finishes and the Ferrari logo give the machine the lot needed accents to do it the much an ext of a architecture piece rather of just an additional piece that hardware.

The buttons space no nuisance and also feel quite herbal to the eye, because that this Ferrari 458 Spider setup because that the digital world. Most buttons obtained the form of buttons top top the yes, really steering wheel and also this just adds approximately the realistic appearance that the device.

Unlike the pedales that the TX racing Wheel, the Spider version has plastic pedals. Us would have loved to view the aluminum complete once again, but for that price variety the Spider’s pedals still look fairly solid.



You will an alert that the Ferrari 458 Spider racing Wheel feeling actually fairly light, which makes it good to placed on her lap if you absence the important table/stool to affix your steering wheel too. The rubber padding will feel pleasant, especially for much longer playing sessions and it will make certain your grip is firmer when having actually to tackle those tricky turns.

You will again have actually the alternative to connect a tiny plastic arm to the machine and use a unique screw in stimulate to affix the machine to a desk, table, stool or everything suits her fancy. The mechanism is the same as the TX gyeongju Wheel and also it proves to it is in fast and easy come use.

With the 7/10 size comes the deluxe that every buttons are easily accessible, i beg your pardon is good for those with smaller hands.

One slight problem that additionally occurs through the Spider gyeongju Wheel is the reality that the base of the pedals is not hefty enough. Thrustmaster detailed a kind amount of non skid spot on the bottom, however the pedals quiet move about quite easily. On the various other hand, as soon as you do uncover a decent setup, whereby the basic can’t move around anymore, girlfriend will have the ability to enjoy the resistance top top the pedals, i m sorry make certain the experience feels much more realistic.



7/10 replica the the Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheelAdjustable wheel sensitivityBungee cord system for wheel base


Connecting the Spider racing Wheel is even much more simple 보다 its larger brother. You will simply have to connect the pedal set to the wheel base and also in turn connect the steering wheel itself through the USB to her Xbox One. See the an equipment itself walk not have actually an ‘internal motor’, the hardware walk not require a power supply to it is in plugged in.

With the absence of the engine come a couple of disadvantages, which likewise go hand in hand with the price variety the Spider racing Wheel finds itself in. The steering wheel does not offer any kind of force feedback or vibration. Whilst the lack of pressure feedback is due to the fact that the steering wheel comes at a rather low price, the lack of vibration is quite disappointing. Once playing much more realistic games, part ‘feedback’ would be nice as soon as diverting a bit from the roadway or once hitting an enemy (or evil versa).

Even without the metallic finish of the pedals, you will certainly still have actually to apply a kind amount of pressure to activate one of two people the throttle or the brakes. This renders it easier to manage your speed when playing simulation games.


With the absence of the motor and no metallic finish on the pedals, the an equipment feels a bit much more ‘plastic-like’ 보다 the TX gyeongju Wheel. Nonetheless, the an equipment is made the end of sturdy materials.

The Spider racing Wheel does not really have any type of dead zones as soon as steering. The device responded really well in gamings such together Forza 5 and also Forza Horizon 2. You will notification that the steering wheel choose up slight changes in the position of the steering wheel, enabling you to manage turns that much more precisely. The ‘Bungee cord mechanism’ will constantly reset the steering wheel come its main position when you let walk of it. A decent addition to ensure more precision.

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Thrustmasters Ferrari 458 Spider racing Wheel proves to be decent enhancement at an entry level price. You will certainly be offered a good looking device, with a lot of comfort and an accurate handling. Us only miss that little bit the feedback as result of the lack of a vibration function. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a fun and also affordable racing wheel, this one might be worth trying out.