This is the fight walkthrough for the paralogue Rumored Nuptials from Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FETH, FE3H). Read on to discover out around map features, what opponents you will encounter, and also tips for winning!

Paralogue: Rumored Nuptials - Overview

Required Units Chapter Available Available till
Dorothea or Ingrid
Win Conditions Defeat Conditions # of Player Units # of Enemies
Rout the opponent or gain Ingrid to the target destination
Byleth, your house leader, Ingrid, or Dorothea falls in fight.

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Goddess Ring (If Dorothea is in your party) Lúin (If Ingrid is in your party)

Paralogue: Rumored Nuptials - Map and also Enemies


Rogue (Brigand)Rogue (Thief)
Rogue (Archer)Priest

Merchant (Normal)

Level HP Movement Class Attack Hit Rate Critical Hit Attack Speed Protection Resilience Avoidance Range Weapon Dropped Item Battalion Level Endurance Gamlittle Uses
10 90 8

Merchant (Hard)

Level HP Movement Class Attack Hit Rate Critical Hit Attack Speed Protection Resilience Avoidance Range Weapon Dropped Item Battalion Level Endurance Gamlittle Uses
10 97 9


One Rogue Brigand will certainly drop a Prayer Ring, the other a Devil Axe, and also the Rogue Priest holds an Antitoxin.

Paralogue: Rumored Nuptials - Chests


Killer Axe (A)

A Killer Axe deserve to be acquired from the chest just below the party"s starting place.

Healing Staff (B)

A healing staff deserve to be derived from the treacertain chest on the far ideal side of the map.

Paralogue: Rumored Nuptials - Map Features


Tiles Description
Lava Navigable just by fliers
Crater -20% Mv, -1 Prt. Damages non-fliers for 20% of their HP each rotate.
Wasteland Difficult for cavalry to travers
Heal Tile+ 1 Prt, 1 Res, +30% HP each rotate for non-fliers


Crater tiles will certainly damage and hamper the motion of your units.

Paralogue: Rumored Nuptials - Tips and Tricks

Choose a Success Condition

Tright here are two methods to go about this battle: escorting Ingrid or defeating all the adversaries. Both choices current their own obstacles so think about which is the majority of feasible for you.

Escorting Ingrid

Take the reduced route and neglect the Merchant. Defeating the Merchant will certainly sheight the adversary reinforcements from appearing, but if your team"s mobility is high enough, you won"t must bother with the foe reinforcements.

Routing All Enemies

Take the ideal path and automatically defeat the Merchant. This will certainly minimize the number of units you will certainly need to take treatment of. This is also the ideal victory condition if you desire to level up your party members.

Lure Enemies into Craters


Luring enemies right into craters will certainly reduce their defense and also damage them eincredibly revolve too.

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Paralogue: Rumored Nuptials - After the Battle

Tright here are no support increasing dialogues after the battle.

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