Expand Dong is a photoshop meme featuring the challenge of the Nintendo character cheat Kong v perverted captions listed below it. When the image and similar parodies were already shared top top the digital imageboard 4chan in ~ the start of 2013, they regulated to accumulate an also larger series of similar parodies featuring numerous other video clip game characters on the microblogging website Tumblr later on that year. The images frequently follow the layout of Tony Kornheiser"s "Why" reaction face.

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The initial photoshopped parody the the donkey Kong 64<4> crate art was viewed as at an early stage as October 8th, 2012 in a subject on 4chan"s /v/ (Video Games)<1> board. The image shows a digitally composited subtitle that consists of the native "Expand" and also "Dong" reduced out from the box art for the 1999 Nintendo 64 platformer game Donkey Kong 64.



On in march 14th, 2013, Tumblr<6> user heatcrashemboar posted the "expand dong" image. Top top April 21st, the same picture was posted in a discuss the net humor site Funnyjunk.<2> ~ above June 12th, Tumblr<8> user goubatsu posted a two-pane photo macro featuring cheat Kong add by the subtitle “No / This does not expand dong” (shown below).


On June 27th, YouTuber Dexter Dee uploaded a video clip titled "Expand Dong," special a clip of donkey Kong to sing a track in Season 1 illustration 4 the the French computer system animated television show Donkey Kong country (shown below).

On July 22nd and 23rd, Tumblr<9><10> user foalonthehill posted two video game box arts special the Donkey Kong character Dixie Kong and also the Super Mario character Luigi in a comparable style to the original broaden dong photo (shown below). In the first five months, both articles received end 1,400 notes.


On July 30th, the Tumblr<5> blog "Tumbl Trends" highlighted numerous notable expand dong examples. ~ above October 1st, IGN Forums<7> user pizzachu1 post a thread title "Expand Dong," which had the initial Donkey Kong photo macro.

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Notable Examples


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