Usually Cisco write-up non-bootable ISO pictures for download. Right here is the an approach to transform a non bootable ISO photo to a bootable one.Please be conscious that any bootable disc photo should follow the ‘EL TORITO’ specification. Girlfriend should understand that the just difference in between a bootable disk and a non-bootable one is the boot sector and also only that.You have to extract the boot sector and inject it to the non-bootable decaying or usb stick/image.Boot sector is a very tiny file. In stimulate to work with bootable file, you need to extract and/or inject the boots sector.

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1. Acquire the boot file.

You deserve to achive the by extract the record from a bootable disc (DVD/CD) or extract the from the disk paper system also if the is bootable or not.

1.1 obtain the bootable paper from a bootable disk.

Insert disk and start UltraISO. Walk in menu “Bootable > Extract Boot paper from CD/DVD”


Save the paper to your hard drive together a “boot information file” (bif).


If girlfriend don’t have actually a bootable disk friend can also find the record in a no bootable disk also.

Option 1.2: Extract the boot document from the disk also if the decaying is bootable or not.

Boot file can be discovered on any kind of CUCM disk even if this is bootable or not. In our instance the file is situated in the isolinux folder and also the filename is isolinux.bin


Step 2: currently you have to inject the boots file

First thing, open the non-bootable picture in UltraISO. Go to food selection “Bootable”. Make certain that you have the “Generate Bootinfofile” checked, then choos “Load boots File”.


Choose the saved bootable paper extracted before.


Done! You can now view that the image type has adjusted to “Bootable”.

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Now you can save the bootable photo as an ISO file. After the you deserve to burn the ISO picture or make a bootable usb drive. That’s all.