Science is beginning to understand that our thinking has actually a deep and complex relationship through our eating.

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Our think before, during, and after eating profoundly influence our food choices, our digestive health, our brain health, and more.


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StewardingGod"s Creation

Learn how to be a steward that God"s creation by expertise the impact your food options have top top the world around you.


Thinking Habitsfor the better

Science is beginning to understand that our thinking has actually a deep and complex relationship with our eating. In fact, the mind is the most necessary factor when it pertains to weight loss.


Unique Nutritionimpacts her health

Every separation, personal, instance has distinctive nutritional needs and also has the power to impact their own health through the ideal thinking.


Discover & Developa healthy you

A vital resource for anyone who has tried traditional diet plans, who battles with emotional eating or wants to be healthy.

Research shows that uneven you eat mindfully, reasoning correctly before during and also after eating, girlfriend won"t offer your body the correct nutrition. Eating is 80% thinking!


This is break news!

63 Days come Think and also Eat Yourself clever is now accessible as on digital program, which includes:

63 Videos

One video each that the 63 days where I teach YOU how to think and also eat yourself smart!

Introductory & Conclusion Video

An introductory and conclusion video, therefore you will know specifically how to usage the program and how to accomplish a “Think and Eat you yourself Smart” lifestyle!

Daily Program

A everyday program separated into three sections: THINK, PRAY and also EAT, which works v the 63 videos. The THINK section offers you the template for the day and goes in addition to the video, the PRAY section provides you the spiritual side of the day’s topic, and the EAT section offers you the valuable applications.


Many an excellent shopping, cooking and also reading resources!


Real food recipes that teach you how to cook with genuine food in a way that promotes mind and body health.

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And so much more!


About Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neuroscientist with a doctor in interaction Pathology, will help you collection up great thinking and eating fads over a 63-day cycle, guiding you and coaching you come achieving a healthy mind, brain & body, consisting of achieving that right weight!

“It is a long-term, sustainable difficulty to a huge problem: what come eat in our world today.”

–Dr. Caroline Leaf

The Reviews

This is a should READ for anyone who eats! Not just does Dr. Sheet brilliantly educate the leader in the food-body-brain connection but she courageously exposes the food industry"s methodology that dumbing down and poisoning the consumer. This publication enlightens the reader, blowing away the veil of marketing and getting up close v the truth.

- David


The Testimonies

For the an initial time in a pair years, i feel hope; ns really feel the I deserve to get much better and ns am no condemned to my genetic makeup. I see currently that that is much less the nature, and more the disordered thought patterns that have actually caused mine suffering, and also been pass thru generations.