In honor of Dr. Seuss week in my kindergarteners course, he essential to dress as a character from among the publications. I only found around around this 3 days earlier, so I kbrand-new I required a quick solution.

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I don’t sew, yet I was still easily able to make him (and his little brother) Thing One and Thing Two shirts.

Supplies I used:Two red shirtsDark towel warm carry paper, for the printerMy house printerScissorsAn iron


I Googled a Thing One and Thing Two image and also printed them straight onto my warm deliver paper.

For instructions on just how to create your own Thing 1 Thing 2 graphics using PicMonessential, watch my tutorial HERE.


Next off, I sindicate adhered to the move paper and ironed on the architecture.


Now, I need to let you understand that I ran right into a bit of a dilemma at this allude. Although I followed the instructions and used the paper especially for dark cloth, once I ironed the image onto the red shirt, the white locations turned pink. Uh, that wasn’t expected to happen.


I’ll admit I remained in a bit of panic mode, bereason I only had one extra sheet of paper to usage to resolve it somehow, and also of course no other red shirts.

So, what did I do? I emailed the firm to check out if they had any type of advice, and I’m happy to say I promptly got an e-mail earlier, via even more info and also a solution. Here is what it said…

I’m sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. There are a couple of things we can attempt. First of all, I’d be more than happy to send you an additional package of transfers. With one of the extra sheets, you have the right to reprint your picture onto a brand-new sheet, carry out whatever trimming is required, and also then iron the republished image directly over the one with the dye in it. The transfers will certainly adhere to one one more. Otherwise, if you pick to begin fresh through a brand-new shirt, let it soak in cold water (no detergent or softener) in situation tbelow is excess dye in the cloth. Then make certain it is totally dry prior to using the transfer. Also, if the shirt is a cotton polyester blfinish, you might want to reduced the temperature a little bit on your iron. You might have an iron that runs hotter than normal…”

With the one sheet I had actually left, I reprinted my picture favor she sassist, and guess what? It worked! No more pink!I felt like I needed to share this bit of my suffer, so that if you give it a shot the very same difficulty can not occur to you. So, lesson learned- MAKE SURE YOU WASH AND DRY THE SHIRT FIRST, OR THE RED WILL BLEED THROUGH.

To complete the costume for institution, I supplied some leftover blue hair paint from Halloween, sprayed it and also spiked it, and also I had actually my incredibly own little Thing One!

He was so excited to go to institution, he shelp his was going to be the finest day ever!


I haven’t actually tried it myself, however I uncovered this cool wig on Amazon that would probably work-related really well via your Thing One & Thing Two costumes!

**UPDATE**Hey readers!Many type of of you have actually took pleasure in this project, and also have actually had actually a few concerns along the method, so I assumed I’d assist out a little bit with the most prevalent ones. Feel complimentary to email me if you must understand something I don’t mention-

1. Where did I gain the move paper?I bought mine at Joann’s Fabrics, yet the actual firm that renders the paper is called June Tailor, and also you can purchase it on Amazon HERE.

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2. Do you require a distinct printer?I don’t think so, I simply used my home inkjet printer and it operated fine. I indicate analysis the manufactures instructions though on the paper simply to make certain yours will certainly work

3. Wbelow did I discover the images?I simply did a Google search of Thing One logo design and Thing Two logo to find them, but I’ve developed a tutorial to present you exactly how to make your own making use of PicMonessential, find that HERE.



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